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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Being Line Dance at Country Road Show Metro TV

Who does not know the country road show in Metro TV? Everyone in In  Indonesia surely knows about this show.

Dancing with the correct technique will look beautiful. Some time ago in a private TV aired the show "Going Country", with guests in studio dance. But many of those who apparently do not know the correct technique of dance, if only so they move the body, without rules. And the view is visible is a bewildering parade of bouncy body at once ludicrous.

Appreciate Country Music with Tantowi Yahya, featuring The Old Friend Band is no stranger to country music lovers as it also featured Joe Arkansas Country Band from Bandung, as well as country singer Pinky Warouw, Baby Astheria, Dinda and others.

CMCI Linedancer's led by Norma Sultje, featuring about forty linedancer. We Persit Staff and some of the dancers rampak drum vigorously performing in studio Metro Tv. Before the show, we were taught the dance line dance by  Norma Sultje.

From Left to Right :
 Mrs. Usman, Mrs lalu, Mrs. Caroko, Me , Miss Shinta, Mrs. Deden, Mrs. Eri

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