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Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

What are your favorite hobbies?

A hobby can be almost anything a person like to do in his spare time. Because the “Idle Mind is Devil’s workshop” therefore those who have developed a hobby never need to worry about what to do with their newly founded leisure hours.
 My hobby does not infringe on the rights of other people. It is not a noisy hobby like music. I can also earn money by selling my paintings to lover of fine arts. My hobby fills my heart with joy and colours and there it is my favourite hobby.
I don't think the word hobby is necessarily fading away. I just tend to hear many natives directly ask, "What do you enjoy doing?" more often than asking "What are your favorite hobbies?"

it is for the older generations? I grew up on the word hobby. I was seriously devoted to hobby painting on the fabric and shopping at hobby shops.

We don't usually have a hobby of something. We can make a hobby of something, often something that isn't usually a hobby, such as something that is usually done as an occupation, or some kind of reprehensible activity:

In the other direction, one can make a business of something that for most people is a hobby; sometimes, a person begins a craft, say, as a hobby, without the intention of making money at it, but then other people want to buy what he is producing, and eventually he makes a business or makes a living at what was once a hobby. P     ainting is a hobby of mine. I like to paint in my spare time.

Honestly, I rarely hear native speakers use the word "hobby." I tend to hear natives simply ask, "What do you like to do?" However, I tend to come across the word hobby quite often on social websites that allow you to introduce yourself to the public.

Grammatically, you can get away with "I have a hobby of painting." However, it may sound a bit odd to a native. As long as you're not violating grammatical rules, it shoudn't matter so much what natives think. Therefore, stick with "I have a hobby of painting" since your meaning still gets across.

However, if you insist on sounding native, you might want to say, "painting is one of my favorite hobbies."

Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

I Am Stronger Because of All I've Been Through

On the other hand, none of the men who have never experienced a crisis in our life. Whether she's Believe, the atheists, Old, Young, Rich, Poor, Brown skin, Black skin, White skin all we ever pass through this life crisis. Different views of different people as well as those passing through or looking at a life crisis, some survive but there are also who failed. Whether it's a family crisis, Employment, Health, Environment, Economics, in short, everything that is on the face of this earth as long as we live, and we will never pass on this one.

I want to share this experience and try to divide, when passing through periods of crisis in my life. We may not all agree with the views and the steps that I took when passed. But let it be a blessing to us, and I admit it is not easy for us to stay strong and when passing through times of crisis, I realize we are still human beings who by grace alone because we stay strong. One of the strengths is look at the crisis as a process in which we are entering a situation that is better that already provided by Him. Yes only through spiritual glasses of faith, we will be able to and understand that when we go in times of crisis God is taking us to new things. 

Life has given me some real curves and made me the person my mom saw in me and told me a number of times that I was. Life made me change when I lost a person that I love but he gave me the skills and strength I needed I just never used them till I didn't have him there to lean on. Yes I know but I was not a mama's girl just unsuccessful in life. I still have a life to lead and I intend to lead it but I have to get some things taken care of.

On the outside, my life has always looked idyllic. Some people thought it was perfect-when in fact, it was far from it. I had panic attacks on and off for many years.  My parents were afraid and frustrated, wondering what they had done to cause such fear and to fail me. I often wondered the same. I tried for many years to think up reasons why I deserved to suffer. There were none, so I felt even more distraught.

I learning from painful experiences.In my first story,I talked about how I cried my eyes out over a failed attempt to try something new. But as painful as these experiences are,it's these painful experiences that have helped me become stronger over time.

Create funny pictures with your photos on enjoypicI have realized many things lately and I have been so very blind to a lot of things and people. I let my fear and insecurity put me in a really low spot for some time.
I let some people down, and I let myself down even more. I should have followed my heart, I knew it was all wrong but I did not listen to my inner self. I could have avoided a lot of the pain had I used my intelligence. I was impulsive and acted without thinking first.

It took me some time, a lot of discomfort, anger and tears but I am now glad I've been through this specific heartache. I feel stronger and wiser. I am smiling now, because I know that life is putting me where I am meant to be. Everything happens for some reason. I feel like it is leading me to what, or who I am meant for and when I feel alone and overwhelmed, I think about that and it comforts me.

Create funny pictures with your photos on enjoypic I really hope and pray that life leads me to someone who I can really connect with. Someone who I can talk to for hours and who can teach me things that I never knew before, things that could open me up in more ways. An individual who isn't afraid to express what they are thinking or feeling at any time and who believes in good things, in love and in possibility.  I've never known someone like that before. 

Even just a great friend like that would be the best thing to ever happen in my life. Someone who won't leave, like everyone else does.

Every day I feel closer to finding that, or to it finding me. 

With Love,..
Lailyana Ayu

Photo Fun with enjoypic

Create funny pictures with your photos on enjoypic

Currently I am happy to make a photo look unique and attractive. I often use a widget application is available on the internet.   a photo look more beautiful and happy to be seen many times.....
And can also be used to make scrapt book,.. and beautify my website or blog. 
Make a blog visitor feel at home,... linger on the blog ,while reading the posts I've made.
Applications that I normally use is picmix, enjoypic, fun photo frames, etc.

Cara mencegah & mengatasi Flue

Seiring dengan berkembangnya zaman, polulusi kini kian tercemar baik itu dari asap kendaraan maupun maupun debu yang beterbangan.Oleh karena itu kita perlu menjaga kesehatan kita dari hal-hal tersebut, kenapa? karna sehat adalah nikmat yang sangat berharga dibandingkan dengan yang lain.

Suasana seperti yang tertulis diatas sering kali menimbulkan penyakit flu, batuk dan sejenisnya. Orang yang mengalami batuk pilek biasanya disertai dengan gejala yang membuat tidak nyaman deperti bersin-bersin, Namun jangan hawatir ada 5 langkah sederhana yang bisa dilakukan seseorang untuk meredakan kondisi batuk pilek.

Umumnya batuk dan pilek menyebar melalui tetesan bakteri atau virus yang terbang di udara. Diperkirakan ada sekitar 200 jenis virus yang bisa menyebabkan kondisi ini. Orang dewasa akan mengalami pilek sekitar 2-5 kali dalam setahun, sedangkan anak-anak bisa 5-10 kali dalam setahun.

Sebagian besar orang akan lebih rentan tertular batuk dan pilek pada musim dingin datang, hal ini disebapkan adanya penurunan suhu di sekitar serta kekebalan tubuh yang berkurang.

Meski begitu 5 langkah mudah ini bisa dilakukan seseorang untuk meredakan batuk dan pilek yang dialaminya, seperti dikutip dari Indiavision, Sabtu (10-12-
-2011) yaitu:

1. Mandi dengan air panas
Mandi dengan air panas mampu membuat tuubuh menjadi tenang dan juga rileks, serta membantu meringankan lendir yang bertumpuk di dada sehingga bisa bernapas lebih leluasa.

2. Mengonsumsi sup hangat
Mengonsumsi sup hangat yang terdiri dari ayam dan sayuran sangat bagus bagi tubuh. Sup hangat ini bukan sekedar membantu membersihkan saluran udara melainkan juga memberikan energi dan kekuatan yang dibutuhkan oleh tubuh.

3. Mengonsumsi satu sendok madu
Mengonsumsi madu yang murni dan alami bisa menjadi cara yang efektif untuk menyingkirkan batuk rejan, cukup konsumsi 1 sendok madu setiap hari.

4. Berkumur dengan air garam
Cobalah mengambil 1 sendok teh garam dan dicampur dengan air hangat, lalu gunakan campuran ini untuk berkumur setidkanya 4 kali dalam sehari.

5. Melakukan inhalasi uap
Inhalasi atau penguapan termasuk cara yang cukup efektif untuk menyembuhkan batuk dan sakit kepala yang terjadi karena adanya penumpukan lendir. Uap yang dihirup akan membantu mencairkan lendir sehingga lebih mudah dikeluarkan dan lebih mudah bernapas.

Selamat mencoba, semoga bisa membantu

Pola Tidur Sehat

Membiasakan diri dengan kualitas tidur yang buruk bisa membuat Anda menjadi susah tidur di malam hari dan tubuh akan tersa tidak fit di siang hari. kecemasan, Stress, kafein, alkohol, dan menonton TV di tempat tidur adalah penyebab utama mengapa orang sulit tidur.
Untuk membiasakan diri tidur yang baik, saya sarankan untuk melakukan hal dibawah ini:Buatlah kegiatan secara rutin yang menenangkan sebelum tidur anda. Buat tubuh dan pikiran Anda lebih rilex melalui shalat, meditasi, mendengarkan musik kegemaran anda.

Usahakan minum segelas susu hangat 15 menit sebelum tidur, karna Susu mengandung kalsium yang berperan untuk menenangkan urat syaraf.

Mandilah dengan air hangat sebelum tidur untuk membantu tubuh menjadi lebih seger.

Hindari berolahraga atau beraktivitas yang menguras energi pada jam-jam menjelang tidur. Meskipun olah raga dapat mengurangi stres, ia juga meningkatkan suhu tubuh yang membuat kita sulit tidur.

Hindari kafein (kopi, teh, cokelat), alkohol dan makanan dan minuman bergula. Survey dari National Sleep Foundation (AS) menemukan bahwa 47 persen orang dengan masalah tidur kemungkinan telah mengkonsumsi minuman berkafein untuk mengurangi ngantuk di siang hari, tetapi stimulan itu berperan menyebabkan kesulitan tidur anda.

Gunakan kamar tidur Anda hanya untuk tidur, jauhkan TV maupun komputer dan berkas pekerjaan anda ke tempat lain.

Mintalah pasangan Anda atau orang lain untuk memijat badan sebelum tidur. Pijatan di seluruh tubuh atau bahkan hanya di punggung dan kepala sangat membantu melemaskan otot-otot dan menenangkan pikiran.

Ciptakan suasana tenang, nyaman, sehingga trasa lebih happy di ruang tidur Anda.

Jaga jadwal tidur yang teratur, bahkan di akhir pekan.

Jika Anda memiliki kesulitan tidur yang sangat parah, segera konsultasikan dengan dokter.

~ My Third Product : Tutup Gelas berlogo ~

Short one day, I got a message at my Blackberry (BBM) from one of my seniors in Semarang, she was one of my best customers, because almost every product I create is always she bought. I usually called her " Mba Ira ",... She asked me, if I could make a glass lid bearing Persit KCK. First, she ordered it to someone, but when she wanted to order again, the person had moved and could not be contacted

Then she remembered me and offered the command, my target time of one week, to make an example of Close Glass with Logo. The glass lid is made of plastic Mika, and given the logo of the organization.

This is an example of a product photo she sent to me 

After I showed her the examples of products, and then she ordered 1000 pieces glass lid bearing Persit KCK. This is a challenge for me, because the first time I made this product, and I do not want to disappoint people who already ordered and entrusted to me.

At that time,... I made ​​a 1500 piece cover glass logo consisting of 1000 piece cover glass logo PERSIT KCK with a dark green base color,... and 500 piece cover glass logo DHARMA PERTIWI with yellow base color.

this is the products

For product packaging. I use mica-shaped plastic tube. One tube can fit 50 pieces of cover glass logo. So if he ordered 1000 pieces of cover glass, then there will be 20 pieces of mica tube. While the packaging label to cover, I made ​​stickers made ​​from vinyl, with sticker design that I have created. Size label stickers 6 x 11 cm.

this is the cover sticker label that I created

 cover glass in packaging
Alhamdulillah,...  within two weeks I completed the order the cover glass Logo Persit KCK.
Nice the job done properly.


Lailyana Ayu,

Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

When My First Baby Boy Born

Finally!  I wrote this story about my little baby born. Such experience was shared together with a very special person in my life – my husband. Life is busy,...  but full of love and laughs as my baby boy comes into our family.   and I feel so blessed and happy.  It's a lovely feeling to finally feel complete.

The birth of our first baby boy is truly astonishing and is definitely beyond words. All efforts and investments were simply worth it because the life here in the outside world has already begun for my son. The baby we naming " M. Ferdiansyah Rachmatul Firdaus ", he was born  on 16th March 2004, he was 3600 gram and 51cm long, with a head circumference of 36.5cm, he has black hair, and black eyes and a wee dimple in his chin... with his soft white skin. I just kept telling you how perfect you were - you my baby boy. I feel so blessed,...

That night, neither of us got much sleep.  We both were far too excited, nervous, thrilled that our baby here besides us,.... that we just be a Mum and Dad and our lives would be different from now on. I still can't believe you are here. You're such a miracle baby to me.

When my baby’s awake, I'm worry he ought to be sleeping and when he’s asleep I check him constantly to see if he’s still breathing. Even carrying him or giving him a bath can be fraught with anxiety! I want to look at him every day and tell him that I love him.

Now I am a grown-up!. This may be the first time I actually felt like a ‘real’ adult – no more pretending, I really I am a grown-up now, with all those responsibilities! The feeling of responsibility for my child’s physical and mental well-being will be with you for the rest of my life. This may seem daunting at that first time, but time goes by,.. I used to feeling I am finally joined the adult world!

Ferdi  was his nickname. At first, I felt like I didn’t know this little creature. But finally, there was a moment.  I held Ferdi on my chest and just looked at him. That was when I fell in love, to my little angel.

I want be a good wife, a good mom, a good daughter, a good sister, and a good friend; however, trying to fulfill all these roles are a challenge and exhausting!  I  struggling with balancing all my responsibilities, the roles of  my life, and most likely I have little time for myself.

The moment I become a mom, I am  responsible for this new life.  I Just want to be the perfect mom…there is no training, and no knowing of what being a mom is “really” like, until you are one.  I am and spouse  one of the most crucial people that determine who your child will be, how they will perceive the world, and most importantly how they will see themselves.

When The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new…

Discovering who I am  as a woman and implementing real life strategies into my life, empowers me to be the woman I am , and not just the roles in my life. I am now have a feeling of peace and being on purpose, having less stress, and enjoying each day with fewer struggles.

Moms are the “heart” of the family. And  I am  responsible for running and managing your home, taking care of your children, and being successful in my own life. I know,.. There is no way to be a perfect mother,...but there is  a million ways to be a good one....

Live my life, raise my family, and enjoy all the moments of motherhood without losing myself in the process.  I Don’t let life just happen to me. I learn to Knowing who I am and being that person is the key to having an extraordinary life.

Babies Twins 4 Months

 4 Months Already

My Little Twins,.. Aldi and Aldo,.. is already 4 month old. 
Where does the time go to. He is so much fun. 
He relizes when you come into the room and 
always smiles when you go to get him in the morning.

 Aldo with a sweat smile

Aldi Sleeping

I Need To Be Hear

My heart is screaming out, "I CAN'T STAND THIS!!!!!" The waiting. The wondering. The emotion, at times, is too much to take.  I need to scream out loud, yet my motherly instinct  of wanting to protect my child from being afraid covers my mouth.  This is too much for anyone to have to bear. Fear.   I have never been so afraid.

I know God is with me. I know He is in control. I know He loves me.... yet my heart just aches beyond words. I just want to be on the other side of all of this looking back. I can no longer pray for myself without the help of others. Scripture and music are what brings me comfort. At times I look down and notice that my whole body is just trembling, and the lump in my stomach is growing bigger each day.

~ The Twins Is In School ~

Well I finally have a twins kids in school and they loves it. 
I have to addmit I cried when we left. Aldi and Aldo was so ready and so excited.
 They always asks why They can not have school on saturday too. I hope this lasts ..
This was the twins first day School


Preparing the bagpack before go

This was the first morning that I taking the twins to school .
The twins loves riding the car. And i'm picking the twins after school. 
 They Both loves the School. 
They has a really nice Teacher and Fun Friends at school.
Ready To go

before go say good bye to Fish first,...:)

Teaches Discipline Without Yelling

Teach discipline to children is something tricky. However, if  I know the tricks, this actually can be done comfortably anyway, without having to carry the violence.

Many parents complain that their children are not disciplined behavior. They also complain of desperate faces "mischief" child. As a result, they often use the force so that children want to be disciplined. Of course, this method should be avoided because it can have a negative impact on children.

Discipline is taught good manners and proper in children. Therefore, the proper technique is to teach the discipline proactive. That is, parents encourage children a sense of responsibility, maintaining self-esteem, and strengthen the parent-child relationship. Well, it's obvious, is not it that threats and punishment are not the proper techniques to teach discipline?

Another thing you need to consider, teach discipline techniques must be adapted to age so that children understand the difference between appropriate behavior and inappropriate. That's why parents need to have different strategies appropriate growth and development of children.

 I know yelling is not the right way because he will copy it. sometimes I yell, and  sometimes I just raise my voice a little when I  loose my patience, sometimes.  Now my son starts yelling at me when he gets upset or asked to do something. I  am affraid that yelling will affect my son's psychological development. Now I have to make my son stop yelling ( because this makes me a headache). I dont know what to do and feel so bad ... and I need some advice.

I have to ask my son to do something three or four times before he will actually do it on most days. I finally get so frustrated that he is not doing what I ask that I yell at him to do it. Then he does whatever it is that I asked. I know I am encouraging him to yell and carry on, but how do I get him to listen the first time that I ask and avoid the yelling? 

There is a secret to the not listening/yelling problem. The secret is follow through. I  Don't ask more than once and if they don't do it.. turn off the tv, take them by the hand, offer to help them to do what I want them to do, etc.  All their activities stop until they listen.  I don't have to yell... I just sit and wait until they do it.  I Teach them that when I speak to them they should stop what they are doing and listen to me... if they don' t then their actions have consequences...

 if they are rude to me ..  I just put them in there room for a time out and tell them to think about how they have behaved towards me (would they like to have I am treat them that way too?),... and I tell them that if they don' t listen then I will put the toys up high where they can see them, but can't use them for a week and don't give in tomorrow.. make it a week.. 3 days.. tomorrow.. whatever..

If that's what you said it will reinforce that you mean what you say and walk away... don' t argue.. and then try it again, etc.  If they do listen and do what they are told... then they deserve the biggest hugs, kisses, tickles and praise that I can manage by myself.  That's my secret and it usually works.


Senin, 06 Mei 2013

My lovely kids,...

My lovely kids,... this is my prayer for you,
This is my dream and my thought and my care for you:
Strong be the spirit which dwells in the breast of you,
Never may folly or shame get the best of you;
You shall be tempted in fancied security,
But make no choice that is stained with impurity.

My lovely kids,... time shall command of you
Thought from the brain of you, work from the hand of you;
Voices of pleasure shall whisper and call to you;
Luring you far from the hard tasks that fall to you;
Then as you're meeting life's bitterest test of men,
God grant you strength to be true as the best of men.

My lovely kids,... singing your way along,
Cling to your laughter and cheerfully play along;
Kind to your neighbor be, offer your hand to him,
You shall  grow great as your heart shall expand to him;
But when for victory sweet you are fighting there,
Know that your record of life you are writing there.

My lovely kids,..., this is my prayer for you;
Never may shame pen one line of despair for you;
Never may conquest or glory mean all to you;
Cling to your honor whatever shall fall to you;
Rather than victory, rather than fame to you,
Choose to be true and let nothing bring shame to you."

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself!
Believe you were made to do any task without calling for aid.
Believe, without growing too scornfully proud,
that you, as the greatest and least are endowed.
A mind to do thinking, two hands and two eyes
are all the equipment God gives to the wise.

Believe in yourself!
You are divinely designed and perfectly made
for the work of mankind.
The truth you must cling to through danger and pain;
the heights others have reached you can also attain.
Believe to the very last hour, for it is true.
That what ever you will, you've been gifted to do.

Believe in yourself and step out unafraid.
By misgivings and doubt be not easily swayed.
You've the right to succeed;
the precision of skill which betokens the great
you can earn if you will!
The wisdom of the ages is yours if you'll read.
But you've got to believe in yourself to succeed.

Made a motivational video Goals Future for My Childrens

I Made a motivational video ideals for my children. With the accompaniment of background song sung by "Umay" a song titled " CITA-CITAKU ". I dedicated this video to my three beloved children, .. I Love You more than you realized,... Ferdi, Aldi, and Aldo, I hope by watching this video, it  can motivated you to your future goals. whatever your dreams someday mommy and daddy will always support you all,.. You all are an amazing son to momy and daddy,.. do not ever forget it.

I pray for my children daily as they begin each new day.
God give us strength and a peace. God help me to find the words to inspire My Children,... Ferdy, Aldi and Aldo, to know how important his life is.. To keep learning and keep trying, never give up,..  to find great happiness. I did not expect much, just one day,... When you are all grow up and become an adult.., you can be a good Person,.. Have a good live,... good job,..  and successful on career.

 I love my sons as so many others do with all of my heart. He is going through one of the biggest challenges in his life. Please guide him to be the man he is meant to be and to protect him from harmful influences.

If One day,.. my children make a mistake in his life,... Please Ya Allah,... I ask with all of my heart to forgive and make him strong. They has a good loving soul. I ask for forgiveness for this one mistake that he has made in his life. One more chance, please. One second chance that I know my children will make right.Thank you,... Ya Allah,...

For once as a parent I feel helpless this time. we are going through hard times right now. God pless and show us the way

Almighty God,
Watch over my child.
Protect him from injury, harm and sudden death at the hands of others.
Let him value others above himself.
Let him seek wisdom above wealth.

Watch over my child, dear Allah...
As he grows, guide him.
As he stumbles, hold him.
In his times of anger, love him.
In his times of fear, touch him.
In his times of foolishness, teach him.
When he strays from your path, retrieve your lost sheep.

Watch over my child, dear Allah.
Do not grant all the desires of his heart,
But grant all the needs of his soul.
Let him know sacrifice and discipline
So that he may know strength and faith.
As gold is placed in fire to be refined,
Give my child pain and suffering
So that he may lose those things in his heart and mind that are harmful to his soul.

Watch over my child, dear Allah.
Give him love for the beauty of the world you have made.
Give him love for the family and friends.
Give him love for the stranger in his midst.
And above all, give him love for you,
That he may know you,
Serve you,
And glorify you.

Watch over my child, dear Allah.
Forgive his parents when they have failed in the nurture of this child,
And quiet their worries and fears.
May they, trusting in your love for their child,
find rest and peace in the knowledge that you are with him.

~ Love, Hugs and Kisses ~

Mommy Lailys

Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

Jagoan Sejati

Kalian adalah 3 jagoan kebanggaan mami dan papi,..
semoga perjalananmu tidak banyak menemui aral rintangan yang menghadang,...
Kalian bertiga adalah Jagoan-jagoan Amanah terindah bagi kami berdua,...

Jagoan Sejati

Kata orang besar itu di segani
Kata orang jahat itu di takuti
Kata orang kecil itu tak berarti
Tak perlu aku ikuti

Kata orang diam itu tak bernyali
Kata orang di tantang harus berani
Aku hanya tak mau menang sendiri
Tak perlu aku layani

Jagoan jagoan
Ku harus berprestasi
Jagoan sejati
Jagoan jagoan
Ku harus berprestasi
Jagoan sejati
Tak perlu kelahi
Tak perlu kelahi
Aku jagoan sejati

Kata orang besar itu di segani
Kata orang jahat itu di takuti
Kata orang kecil itu tak berarti
Tak perlu aku ikuti

Jagoan jagoan
Ku harus berprestasi
Jagoan sejati
Jagoan jagoan
Ku harus berprestasi
Jagoan sejati
Tak perlu kelahi
Tak perlu kelahi
Aku jagoan sejati

Kata orang besar itu di segani
Kata orang jahat itu di takuti
Kata orang kecil itu tak berarti
Tak perlu aku ikuti

Jagoan jagoan
Ku harus berprestasi
Jagoan sejati
Jagoan jagoan
Ku harus berprestasi
Jagoan sejati
Tak perlu kelahi
Tak perlu kelahi
Aku jagoan sejati

I Feel Something Missing From My Life

There is a hole inside of me. I don't know what is missing from it. I don't know what belongs there.
So I go through life, desperately and almost feverishly trying to shovel something into it, anything that might fill the hole that is there. But nothing does. Every single thing I do and every single thing I try, never makes it any better.

And I see everyone around me who seem like they have everything together, like they are somehow complete and I'm broken and tossed aside.
AGH, It's the most frustrating thing!

All the pain, all the hardships, all the crying, it paids off in time. There's no emotional feelings that would last a lifetime, I always tell that to myself.

Seeing how my  three sons grows up the way they are right now, lovable, caring and God fearing little angel. My life will always be complete. They are  my life now.  I'm always there beside them,  I'm working at home hole. All these I am doing all because of them.. To support their every need. To give their a great future a head, inspite of me being the only person to do that. Love you my darling three little angel.

Parenting is very hard as it is. Being a single parent is even harder when you have nobody else to rely on. Hopefully, one day My sons will appreciate what I am doing for Them. How do you truly know what hardships or obstacles you have to face, until you're facing them? Did I think about the hardships and obstacles? Yes, I did. Did I imagine it would be like this? No, I didn't because there is no way I could have grasped the extent of the situation having never been in the situation.

Some days I feel like walking out the door and never coming back again. And other days, I couldn't imagine my life without my child. I don't think I want anymore because I don't think I could deal with having to do this all over again. Most mothers will say, if they could change anything about their lives it wouldn't be having their child at such a young age. I will be honest, I would change that.

Because, They deserves better than what I can give to them now. They deserves a life with both parents who don't hate each other. They deserves to know that they came into this world when both parents loved each other and BOTH parents wanted him here. I know I am doing my best and I know, technically My children isn't missing out on the love of both parents and both sides of his family but I feel like they deserves better. Not money wise, not more toys, or more clothes... I am able to provide the necessities, I just...

I love my child more than anything in the world but some days if I could change his situation I would.

Learning from life's journey

how long contemplation of the true story of the wives out there is very winding, made ​​me fully realize that in fact many women as a wife to fall up to find the strength to continue the pace of household.

I also invited to witness how all the trouble and grit should always be hand in hand with the struggle and turned out really long road to a sincerity. Reflecting on the trip my household that enters ten years, quite a lot of favors and gift invaluable for me as a wife. So brazing on the attitude of my heart, as a clever wife I have always thankful. Do not wait for the new storm first sorry ungrateful.

Because heaven essential for a woman to be had when the blessing of her husband when life is over, whether husband or her first no. I hoped soared make, hopefully forever sincerity husband could reach forever. Do not have to wait for a new one no busy scavenging blessingAll certainly entitled to have gagasan.Dan for me, this is a valuable lesson, sometimes as a wife I forgot to increase the excellent service to the husband in all sectors, especially the husband meet with a patient, full of understanding.

The more I salute the many women as a wife whose husband is grumpy, like banging, adventurous and troubled but they remain patient. Struggling with his devotion as a wife. They interpret exactly one hadith which states that if a fellow human being should prostrate, then be instructed an adoring wife to her husband. I like his flicked to constantly improve themselves again, not because of fear turned to love my husband, but more than that, not as a Muslim we should always be better from day to day.
Good luck to all the wonderful wife in the whole universe, may the love and blessings to accompany her husband on the divine pleasure of  Illahi Robbi. Each person must have made ​​a MISTAKE, but if we never make mistakes, it helps us see our steps back .... perhaps we do not move at all. In fact even this life we encounter many problems. Surveys show a more optimistic lot to learn from their mistakes rather than successes, it is a mistake not wearing a thing. However, we have experienced errors will lead us to relearn something happens. Even through mistakes will make us to be able to take action more precise and better.
Face your mistakes for what it is, do not be prejudiced, do not be sad and do not bemoan what happened even if it was a mistake. Because there is a rainbow after the rain certainly very beautiful, so are the errors: an error MUST be reversed available CHANCE that that awaits us.
The problem is the challenge 
Many people evade their problems because they think the problem is as a heavy burden. But make it a problem as a challenge, so we will have a spirit (spirit) to be able to deal with it. By looking at a problem is a challenge, then we actually have seen success as well, because behind every problem there are successes that are waiting. Likened the problem we're up any stairs to get to the top most rung (high). So enjoy each process (problem) happened so that we gain the power (ability) to reach a higher rung again. Therefore, confront any problems that occur and change it into a force for success. No problems, no one can reach success.
Likewise with any issues, if we do not dare to face the problem, then we will not be someone who is genuine.

The most perfect moment
Many people think to start a case, have to wait for the right time. And not a few people who like-likes to procrastinate a job. Is this assumption wrong
Maybe this time I wanted to do something. A desire to do something to reach my goals. Why I do not immediately try today? because today is the best day and sempuna to start. Remember! There is no more appropriate day than today. If we want perfection, start from imperfect first, fix one after the other parts that are not perfect, it is not impossible if perfection will eventually materialize in front of the eyes. No major work appeared with a step.

Taking the first step is not difficult, as there are in the reach of my own hand, including today. So wait no more, the important thing is today I had to start it, because I was the owner today.
Why not tomorrow?. remember .... Because no uncertain tomorrow.

One step forward
Currently I may not have a steady job. To support and fulfils of all  my childrens needs, I have to continue to be creative and creative. All I can do now is a business entrepreneur, that I've pioneered since 2009.
 For the kids, I always try and pray,... the best I can do for them. Alhamdulillah income from my online business shop, ... little by little can fulfil the needs and requirements of my children school. Perhaps it is heavy, when the  family economic.. we must bear the burden alone.