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Senin, 25 November 2013

~Goodieshoes From Canada~

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I met her in Penpalworld. When I see her profile, I interesting to became her penpal and be her friend. And I hope we can be a best friend. A little I know about her that Canada is her current country. she was  56 years old. and she is love to write by email and build a friendship with other people all over the world. And she very like to dance. We not yet talk about everything, but i am sure we will.

II know a little about canada. Canada is in North America consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Located in the northern part of the continet, it extend from the Atlantic to the Pasific and northward into the Arctic Ocean.. 

A clickable map of Canada exhibiting its ten provinces and three territories, and their capitals.

Surat Dari TUHAN

Saat kau bangun di pagi hari,  Aku memandangmu dan berharap engkau berbicara Pada-Ku. Walaupun hanya sepatah kata, meminta pendapat kepada-Ku, atau bersyukur kepada-Ku atas suatu hal indah yang terjadi pada hidupmu kemarin. Tetapi Aku melihat engkau begitu sibuk mempersiapkan diri untuk bekerja.

Aku kembali menanti,…

Saat engkau sedang bersiap, Aku tahu akan ada sedikit waktu bagimu  untuk berhenti dan menyapa-Ku. Tetapi engkau terlalu sibuk. Di suatu tempat engkau duduk disebuah kursi,selama 15 menit tanpa melakukan apapun.   Kemudian aku melihat engkau menggerakkan kakimu. Aku berfikir engkau ingin berbicara pada-Ku., tetapi engkau berlari ke telepon dan menelepon seorang teman untuk mendengarkan gossip terbaru.

Aku melihatmu ketika engkau pergi bekerja dan Aku menantimu dengan sabar sepanjang hari. Dengan semua kegiatanmu, Aku berfikir engkau terlalu sibuk untuk mengucapkan sesuatu kepada-Ku. Sebelum makan siang Aku melihatmu memandang ke sekeliling, mungkin engkau merasa malu untuk berbicara kepada-Ku, itulah sebabnya mengapa engkau tidak menundukkan kepalamu. Engkau memandang  tiga atau empat meja sekitarmu dan melihat beberapa temanmu berbicara kepada-Ku dengan lembut sebelum mereka makan, tetapi engkau tidak melakukannya. tidak apa-apa,... masih ada waktu yang tersisa, dan Aku berharap engkau akan berbicara pada-Ku, meskipun saat engkau pulang ke rumah kelihatannya masih banyak yang harus engkau kerjakan.

Setelah beberapa hal tersebut selesai engkau kerjakan,  engkau menyalakan televisi, Aku tidak tahu apakah kau suka menonton televisi atau tidak,  hanya saja engkau selalu berada di depannya, tanpa memikirkan apapun, hanya menikmati acara yang ditampilkan. kembali aku menanti dengan sabar saat engkau menonton televisi dan menikmati makananmu, tetapi kembali engkau tidak berbicara kepada-Ku. 

Saat tidur Ku-pikir kau merasa terlalu lelah. Setelah mengucapkan selamat malam pada keluargamu, engkau melompat ke tempat tidur dan tidak lama kemudian tertidur dengan pulasnya.  Tidak apa-apa,.. mungkin engkau tidak menyadari, bahwa Aku selalu hadir untukmu.

Aku lelah bersabar lebih lama dari yang kau sadari. Aku bahkan ingin mengajarkanmu bagaimana bersabar terhadap orang lain. Aku sangat mengasihimu,.. setiap hari Aku menantikan sepatah kata, doa atau pemikiran atau syukur dari hatimu. Baiklah,.. engkau bangun kembali, dan kembali Aku akan menanti dengan penuh kasih bahwa hari ini kau akan memberi-Ku sedikit waktu.

Semoga harimu menyenangkan

Yang selalu menyertaimu setiap hari,


It Takes Two To Make A Marriage Work

It Takes Two To Make A Marriage Work

Chances are if you ask a man why he doesn’t show more love to his wife, he would say: “I will love her more when she respects me more.”

And if you ask a woman why she doesn’t respect her husband she may say: “I will respect him more when he loves me more.”
The fact is it takes two people to make a marriage work. The husband has to show his love to his wife in order to gain her respect. And the wife has to show her respect to her husband to gain his love.

This love and respect also plays out in sexual relations between husband and wife as I explain in “The Ultimate Muslim Sex Guide.” Men are turned on by women who respect them and women are turned on by men who love them.

My advice to you, if you are already married, is to begin showing your spouse more love and respect.

Brothers, whatever stage of marriage you’re in, show your wife that you love her.
•Kiss her more often; not just when you want sex.
•Buy her little gifts for no reason at all.
•Just tell her you love her and why you love her and tell it from your heart.

If you do this, you will see your relationship with your wife grow to unprecedented levels. Your wife will begin to treat you like the great man she always wanted to marry.

Sisters, the same for you. Whatever stage of marriage you’re in, show your husband that you respect him.
•Obey him without question when he asks for something within reason.
•Let him be the man; do not shout at him or belittle him.
•Ask his opinion and advice about things in your daily life.

When you do this, you will see your husband’s love for you begin to overflow. He will want to love you and protect you and make you happy in any way he can.

For those of you who are not married, please take this advice and keep it in the back of your mind. It’s very easy to lose love and respect for your spouse after the honeymoon is over.

But try with everything you’ve got to give love and respect and, Inshallah, you’ll get so much more back in return.


Most Muslim men would like to be ideal husbands. And most Muslim women would, no doubt, like to be married to one. But, for some reason, the men are not ideal husbands, and the women will almost surely admit that they didn't marry one. So, why the discrepancy between our sincere aspirations and reality? Is it an inability on the part of the man, an impossible goal; or is it perhaps that we do not even know what an ideal Muslim husband is?

Wrong Concept of an Ideal Husband:

A look at the matrimonial section of an Islamic magazine will quickly demonstrate that many Muslim men and women do not know what an ideal Muslim husband is. Muslim men looking for wives advertise themselves as doctors, engineers, and financially secure. Muslim women appear to be on the lookout for an established professional or more likely a handsome MD. Rarely do Muslim men and women even mention character, religious convictions, and attitudes as a priority. At most, they might be mentioned as a sidebar. It seems that many of us believe that a man is an ideal Muslim husband if he is handsome, makes a lot of money, and comes from an influential family. And the divorce rate among Muslims continues to rise.

Standard of Judging an Ideal Husband:

As Muslims, we must base our judgment on what makes an ideal Muslim husband on the guidance of Allah and the example of Prophet Muhammad, not on the standards of a TV sitcom, the culture in which we were born, or our own materialistic mentality.

First Characteristic of an Un-Ideal Husband:


A major problem in some Muslim marriages unfortunately is the husband's hot temper and harsh behavior. Some even go so far as to abuse their wives. Dr. Quick gives a word of warning to these men who often come from cultures that teach them to be tough and macho. He says that there should be no violence between husband and wife and that Muslim men should not be the kind of tyrannical fathers whose children run away and hide when their father comes home. He says that we have to separate our non-Islamic cultures from Islam. The ideal Muslim husband will base his behavior on Islam, not on his Arab, American, or Pakistani culture.

Second Characteristic of an Un-Ideal Husband:


Another major problem in Muslim marriages is the husband's failure to consider his wife's opinions. In fact, the failure of the Muslim Ummah as a whole has to do with our failure in practicing the concept of Shura (consultation). People think that they are right and others are wrong. We will do much better if we consider the opinions of others and let them feel that they are a part of the decision-making process. Along the same lines, WE points out that if a woman makes a true (haqq) point, the husband should submit to it. He should in no way reject a point just because it comes from a woman. Demonstrating the huge difference between the way the Prophet (SAWS) dealt with his wives and the way Muslim men deal with their wives today.

Third Characteristic of an Un-Ideal Husband: 


The failure to help in the house and to help with the raising of the children are well-known weaknesses of husbands. TheProphet Muhammad (SAWS) helped in the house, and Abdul Malik Mujahid says that a man cannot be an ideal Muslim husband, or even close to a good husband, if he leaves the responsibility of children completely to the mother. Khadija Haffagee tells the story of a father who took a three-month-old infant to pray with him and after the prayer did the 'tasbih" on the child's hand. This, she said, was training by the father. When we training our children, we should be careful not to raise sons with a double standard where they have no household responsibilities. If we do, they will likely grow up with the attitude that they don't need to do this kind of work --- that they are above it.

An Ideal Ex-Husband

Being an ideal Muslim husband, however, goes even farther than the marriage. Even after a divorce, a Muslim husband must strive to be the best ex-husband. A husband shouldn't be Mr. Kindness in marriage and then treat his wife badly in divorce, Dr. Quick says. He must divorce her in the best manner with good treatment.

Other Valuable Advises

An ideal Muslim husband has very little or nothing to do with the amount of money one has, physical beauty, or the prestige of one's job. Rather, it has to do with one's commitment to Allah, one's knowledge of and willingness to follow the guidance of Allah and the Prophet's example, and one's commitment to do righteousness even in difficult situations. The ideal Muslim husband should be humble, gentle, kind, considerate, caring, loving, open to good advice, willing to cooperate with others in the family rather than dictate rules, helpful in the house, involved in raising the children, and never abusive either physically or mentally.

No doubt, this is a very tall order. Becoming an ideal Muslim husband will certainly not be easy. It will take a jihad against 'jahiliyyah" thinking, selfishness, ego, vanity, anger, pride, and arrogance.

Want to increase the love in your marriage?

Surprise each other at times. This may entail bringing home a small gift or flowers, preparing a special meal, dressing up and beautifying oneself (this is not only for women), or sending a secret note in a lunchbox. A little imagination will go a long way here. The idea is to spice up the marriage and avoid getting into a dull routine that may negatively affect the marriage

Make special arrangements to spend time with your spouse away from the kids and the responsibilities of the house. Go away for even a couple of hours and reconnect.

The beautiful moments you see, the great halal love stories you hear about,
may increase your wish about that. nice special life of you with your halal love.. and Never forget,.. that.. "ALLAH hears the crowding whispers of your heart, sees those little tears that are trapped in your eyes and HE is always there for you!"

Love seems the swiftest but it is the slowest of all growths. No one really knows what perfect love is until they get married.

No such thing as "perfect love", this "perfection" only exist in jannah, on earth everybody has faults, the perfection lies in being able to see past those faults and only focusing on the good... May Allah swt bless us all with a marriage that is pleasing to Him first

Marriage isn't about always being happy or "in love". Marriage is about choosing to still love that person and stay on the ride through the ups and downs.

Love a little more than what is necessary, work a little harder than what is required, be a little kinder than what is usual, give a little bit more than what you feel you can afford, stand in prayer a little longer than what you intended and be a little more patient than what you feel you can handle….it is that little extra effort sparked by sincerity in the heart that makes your ordinary self extraordinary.

When a Man Truly Loves a Woman,

When a Man Truly Loves a Woman, 
He Sees her Differently from the Rest,
He Understands her Fears and Distress..
And his Desire is, to bring her Happiness… 

When a Man Truly Loves a Woman, 
He’s Imbued with her Love and Tenderness,
And if he Hurts her, he Craves her Forgiveness..
He also doesn't let others show her Disrespect… 

When a Man Truly Loves a Woman,
She knows in her Heart, she’s his Main Priority,
And that he Understands her Need for his Security..
In that, he’ll Defend her and always Prove his Loyalty…

When a Man Truly Loves a Woman,
He’ll Humble his Pride, to Keep her by his Side,
No matter the Conflicts, he will Take it all in Stride..
Because, he Believes she’s the Best part of his Life…

When a Man Truly Loves a Woman,
He can’t Stand a single day or hour Without her in it,
With every Breath, he takes her Soul deeper into his..
And their Hearts beat as One, each and every Minute...

A woman's du'a for her future husband [Share if you love it!]

O Allah! Please grant me the one
Who will be the garment for my soul
Who will satisfy half of my deen
... And in doing so make me whole

Make him righteous and on your path
In all he'll do and say
And sprinkle water on me at Fajr
Reminding me to pray

May he earn from halal sources
And spend within his means
May he seek Allah's guidance always
To fulfill all his dreams

May he always refer to Qur'an
and the Sunnah as his moral guide
May he thank and appreciate Allah
For the woman at his side

May he be conscious of his anger
And often fast and pray
Be charitable and sensitive
In every possible way

May he honor and protect me
And guide me in this life
And please Allah! Make me worthy
to be his loving wife

And finally, O Allah!
Make him abundant in love and laughter
In taqwa and sincerity
In striving for the hereafter!

May Allah grant all the Muslim sisters with such husbands... Ameen ya rab!