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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

What is Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana

Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana is an organization of Union Army Soldier's Wife. The Army Soldier's Wife absolutely can not be separated from the Army, both in performing organizational tasks and personal lives. Therefore, the Army soldier's wife should assist the Army in the success of his duties both as a defense and as a component of national development to achieve the ideals of Indonesia.

Until now Persit has helped Chief of Staff of the Army in the Guidance wife Soldiers and their families especially the field of mental, physical, well-being and morale. Another is to support the Army leadership wisdom by developing and deploying members of the Army wives struggle, creating a sense of brotherhood and kinship, a sense of unity and national consciousness.

Persit activities including activities in the areas of organizational, economic, educational, cultural and social development with the approval of the major adviser Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana or Dharma Pertiwi Trustees and knowledge level. Driven by the desire to achieve organizational goals Iuhur, the wife of Army soldiers determined to fight the increasing union umbrella organization soldier's wife (hereinafter abbreviated Persit) Kartika Chandra Kirana in furtherance of the organization's former Army Wife Unity was established on 3 April 1946 in Purwakarta ° Based Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution and the establishment of permanent fostering.


1. Assist the Chief of Staff of the Army in coaching wives of soldiers and their families in particular areas of mental, physical and moral well-being that can affect the success of the task soldier.

2. Supports military leaders wisdom to nurture and direct struggle member of the Army wives, creating a sense of brotherhood and kinship, a sense of unity and national consciousness.


Kartika Chandra Kirana Persit struggles entity which is the parent organization of civic areas on Earth Dharma community organizations. Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana is an implementation of a stand-alone entity, located directly under the Chief of Staff of the Army that the nature of structural extra activities regulated in the organizational structure of the Army. Kartika Chandra Kirana Persit purpose is:

1. Engaging the community to realize a just and prosperous Indonesia material and spiritual ° Based Pancasila.

2. Assist the development of the Army as a defense and security as well as a component of national development.

3. Achieve unity of struggle wives TNI-based sense of kinship, sepenanggungan and arms.


1. Wife organic Indonesian National Army soldier Army :
    a. Her husband is still active duty in the Army organization
    b. Her husband was stationed in the Army Iuar Iingkungan but still in active service.
    c. Her husband entered a period of preparation for retirement and appointed as a   reserve officer in active service (DDA).

2. Wife of retired Army assigned as a member on behalf of the union soldier's wife (Persit) Kartika Chandra Kirana with the approval of Trustees President Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana or builder.

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