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Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013

My journey as a Persit KCK

from left to right:  Mba Mita, Mba  Yova , Mba Evi , and Me

I wear a uniform PSR Persit KCK (Official Uniform Apparel), @ Persit Anniversary event, 4 april 2003, When I became the youngest Persit and newly married, I was honored to get cone pieces.

Being Persit KCK Grup-1 Kopassus Serang

Being Persit KCK Group-1 Kopassus is my pride, memories that I will never forget, because too many sweet and wonderful memories during my life there. The people are friendly and nice. Being a KCK Persit ... made ​​me learn to be more resignation, courage, sincerity and surrender to what God outlined for me.

Love and be loved is the desire of every human being, especially if you can spend the whole entire time living as a couple. Married. Received the blessing of God and country, then you can be happy together forever. Marrying a soldier means being prepared everything. the same as being a hero does not have a degree. You will be willing to sacrifice everything, even 'destroy' private life and privacy for the sake of  your beloved husband. After marriage, sacrifice and struggle for households will increase. Assignments carried obliging husband to move where he stayed until retirement. When the husband department, as the wife we ​​should not be too long to stay in the family home. You should faithfully follow and be with him at the home office.

Classic problem that always occurs at all levels of the organization persit. Since the first time my mother-in-law became PERSIT KCKC until now,.. a soldier's wife must be having this problem. Disparity, discrimination, difference in status between the members with members, with the board members..., the board with the board, or the board with chief and chief with members. And this could happen. The question is, why did this happen ...?

The cause is a lack of mental maturity of the organization, because they feel the rank of they husband higher, so she acted arbitrarily  to others army wife who rank husband lower. Or because they feel more educated, she feel most intelligent than the other army wives. There is also a very young age army wife, but her husband prospective commander, so she  doesn't want to respect others who are older than her. This shows the lack of maturity of the soul, that would cause problems in Organizations.

Perhaps the impact of the organization are the usual things that happen in every organization, .. because after all we are human beings who never stop make mistakes, ..  which is coming from a family background, culture, and education are different. but all differences can certainly be overcome by wise, if we realize that we are all working in one container organization of Persit  Kartika Chandra Kirana.

Mutation Events Board Persit KCK Cab II PCBS Kopassus
 I was appointed as Treasurer of the Foundation Kartika Jaya by Mrs. Nasution Irdina
 Events Giving congratulations Events to the new management, 
preceded by the Ketua Persit KCK Cabang II 
Grup-1 kopassus Serang, Mrs. Irdina Nasution (Alm)

Attended by the entire board Persit Cabang II and the Foundation of Kartika Jaya

My experience as Persit KCK member, .. makes me think that in life we must be able to organize themselves after each other and keep the feelings of others, we present karma and are in containers so called organization. We came up with different traits, both the character and nature. However, ... although different, will be able to come together and unite with a foundation of mutual respect, love and care for each other, so that we can co-exist ..

Selfish, selfish, feeling more than anything else will ruin the life of the organization. Because there are those who feel defeated, disrespected even feel offended

I realize that within the organization there is no success  generated by one person alone. Organize a work team / collective, that everyone should be able to feel responsible for the task. Being a Persit ... made ​​me learn tuk be more resignation, courage, sincerity and surrender to what God outlined for me and my husband's career. All the experiences that we have already passed is a picture for the future.

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