Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

~ My Third Product : Tutup Gelas berlogo ~

Short one day, I got a message at my Blackberry (BBM) from one of my seniors in Semarang, she was one of my best customers, because almost every product I create is always she bought. I usually called her " Mba Ira ",... She asked me, if I could make a glass lid bearing Persit KCK. First, she ordered it to someone, but when she wanted to order again, the person had moved and could not be contacted

Then she remembered me and offered the command, my target time of one week, to make an example of Close Glass with Logo. The glass lid is made of plastic Mika, and given the logo of the organization.

This is an example of a product photo she sent to me 

After I showed her the examples of products, and then she ordered 1000 pieces glass lid bearing Persit KCK. This is a challenge for me, because the first time I made this product, and I do not want to disappoint people who already ordered and entrusted to me.

At that time,... I made ​​a 1500 piece cover glass logo consisting of 1000 piece cover glass logo PERSIT KCK with a dark green base color,... and 500 piece cover glass logo DHARMA PERTIWI with yellow base color.

this is the products

For product packaging. I use mica-shaped plastic tube. One tube can fit 50 pieces of cover glass logo. So if he ordered 1000 pieces of cover glass, then there will be 20 pieces of mica tube. While the packaging label to cover, I made ​​stickers made ​​from vinyl, with sticker design that I have created. Size label stickers 6 x 11 cm.

this is the cover sticker label that I created

 cover glass in packaging
Alhamdulillah,...  within two weeks I completed the order the cover glass Logo Persit KCK.
Nice the job done properly.


Lailyana Ayu,

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