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Kamis, 21 Maret 2013


Life experiences led me to a lot of understanding and notes. Good or bad a record of the journey of life, meaningful or not the series of events throughout the year, just our own understanding and interpreting it. However, there is no harm if we believe in and take positive values to get a better quality of self. It reminds me to  someone, that he always reminds me to think positively every day.

Every start life in a new place, I am sure that there are new challenges and expectations. I believe that there will be changes in our life, especially and of course, change for the better.welfare change hearts and minds, giving meaning to the lives of my family and love, further improve the quality of work in the business, as well as in educating children. All good things ought to be served in front of me that is ready I achieved, I developed, and also my evaluation. learn from the failures that have occurred in my life..........

Failure is part of life, failure will give meaning and inspiration if we place the correct portion in the course of our experience. Many people say that failure is success delayed.
which will become a strong driving force of motivation if we manage it well. And I have to fix the failures so excited to be one of the determinants of happiness in the future.

Move  with my kids to a small town in sukabumi, impacting many changes. change for the better. I feel a lot of changes in my life in a short time I have to improve my confidence grew, the more regular discipline, also feeling lazy that were increasingly reduced.   All the things that make me as a person that "new", which distinguishes me from previous years. One who is not monotonous, but has the attitude and actions are more "alive", creative, and empowered a strong push to achieve happiness and success.

Because of the situation, I decided to take the kids to leave the big city bandung. Bandung city which has been a part of our life journey. Over the years we lived there. It's  very hard when we stepping foot left the town. The town is so much provide memories for us. but life must go on without having to look back again. The past will not make us vulnerable. but it will make us a better person. But the past will always be the most beautiful part that will always be remembered.
I hope my children will be better than their parents, even had the confidence and the greatest way to enjoy growth and maturity. They do not need much given lectures, enough to see and appreciate the father and mother to deal with life. and should not be quick to give up even though life often give out the hard way. life is a remarkable gift to be thankful for and put to the best possible. There should be no word hopeless, there should be no a sense of frustration.

I love you all kids,... Ferdi ... Aldi... Aldo..



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