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Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Made a motivational video Goals Future for My Childrens

I Made a motivational video ideals for my children. With the accompaniment of background song sung by "Umay" a song titled " CITA-CITAKU ". I dedicated this video to my three beloved children, .. I Love You more than you realized,... Ferdi, Aldi, and Aldo, I hope by watching this video, it  can motivated you to your future goals. whatever your dreams someday mommy and daddy will always support you all,.. You all are an amazing son to momy and daddy,.. do not ever forget it.

I pray for my children daily as they begin each new day.
God give us strength and a peace. God help me to find the words to inspire My Children,... Ferdy, Aldi and Aldo, to know how important his life is.. To keep learning and keep trying, never give up,..  to find great happiness. I did not expect much, just one day,... When you are all grow up and become an adult.., you can be a good Person,.. Have a good live,... good job,..  and successful on career.

 I love my sons as so many others do with all of my heart. He is going through one of the biggest challenges in his life. Please guide him to be the man he is meant to be and to protect him from harmful influences.

If One day,.. my children make a mistake in his life,... Please Ya Allah,... I ask with all of my heart to forgive and make him strong. They has a good loving soul. I ask for forgiveness for this one mistake that he has made in his life. One more chance, please. One second chance that I know my children will make right.Thank you,... Ya Allah,...

For once as a parent I feel helpless this time. we are going through hard times right now. God pless and show us the way

Almighty God,
Watch over my child.
Protect him from injury, harm and sudden death at the hands of others.
Let him value others above himself.
Let him seek wisdom above wealth.

Watch over my child, dear Allah...
As he grows, guide him.
As he stumbles, hold him.
In his times of anger, love him.
In his times of fear, touch him.
In his times of foolishness, teach him.
When he strays from your path, retrieve your lost sheep.

Watch over my child, dear Allah.
Do not grant all the desires of his heart,
But grant all the needs of his soul.
Let him know sacrifice and discipline
So that he may know strength and faith.
As gold is placed in fire to be refined,
Give my child pain and suffering
So that he may lose those things in his heart and mind that are harmful to his soul.

Watch over my child, dear Allah.
Give him love for the beauty of the world you have made.
Give him love for the family and friends.
Give him love for the stranger in his midst.
And above all, give him love for you,
That he may know you,
Serve you,
And glorify you.

Watch over my child, dear Allah.
Forgive his parents when they have failed in the nurture of this child,
And quiet their worries and fears.
May they, trusting in your love for their child,
find rest and peace in the knowledge that you are with him.

~ Love, Hugs and Kisses ~

Mommy Lailys

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