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Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

Teaches Discipline Without Yelling

Teach discipline to children is something tricky. However, if  I know the tricks, this actually can be done comfortably anyway, without having to carry the violence.

Many parents complain that their children are not disciplined behavior. They also complain of desperate faces "mischief" child. As a result, they often use the force so that children want to be disciplined. Of course, this method should be avoided because it can have a negative impact on children.

Discipline is taught good manners and proper in children. Therefore, the proper technique is to teach the discipline proactive. That is, parents encourage children a sense of responsibility, maintaining self-esteem, and strengthen the parent-child relationship. Well, it's obvious, is not it that threats and punishment are not the proper techniques to teach discipline?

Another thing you need to consider, teach discipline techniques must be adapted to age so that children understand the difference between appropriate behavior and inappropriate. That's why parents need to have different strategies appropriate growth and development of children.

 I know yelling is not the right way because he will copy it. sometimes I yell, and  sometimes I just raise my voice a little when I  loose my patience, sometimes.  Now my son starts yelling at me when he gets upset or asked to do something. I  am affraid that yelling will affect my son's psychological development. Now I have to make my son stop yelling ( because this makes me a headache). I dont know what to do and feel so bad ... and I need some advice.

I have to ask my son to do something three or four times before he will actually do it on most days. I finally get so frustrated that he is not doing what I ask that I yell at him to do it. Then he does whatever it is that I asked. I know I am encouraging him to yell and carry on, but how do I get him to listen the first time that I ask and avoid the yelling? 

There is a secret to the not listening/yelling problem. The secret is follow through. I  Don't ask more than once and if they don't do it.. turn off the tv, take them by the hand, offer to help them to do what I want them to do, etc.  All their activities stop until they listen.  I don't have to yell... I just sit and wait until they do it.  I Teach them that when I speak to them they should stop what they are doing and listen to me... if they don' t then their actions have consequences...

 if they are rude to me ..  I just put them in there room for a time out and tell them to think about how they have behaved towards me (would they like to have I am treat them that way too?),... and I tell them that if they don' t listen then I will put the toys up high where they can see them, but can't use them for a week and don't give in tomorrow.. make it a week.. 3 days.. tomorrow.. whatever..

If that's what you said it will reinforce that you mean what you say and walk away... don' t argue.. and then try it again, etc.  If they do listen and do what they are told... then they deserve the biggest hugs, kisses, tickles and praise that I can manage by myself.  That's my secret and it usually works.


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