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Minggu, 19 Mei 2013

What are your favorite hobbies?

A hobby can be almost anything a person like to do in his spare time. Because the “Idle Mind is Devil’s workshop” therefore those who have developed a hobby never need to worry about what to do with their newly founded leisure hours.
 My hobby does not infringe on the rights of other people. It is not a noisy hobby like music. I can also earn money by selling my paintings to lover of fine arts. My hobby fills my heart with joy and colours and there it is my favourite hobby.
I don't think the word hobby is necessarily fading away. I just tend to hear many natives directly ask, "What do you enjoy doing?" more often than asking "What are your favorite hobbies?"

it is for the older generations? I grew up on the word hobby. I was seriously devoted to hobby painting on the fabric and shopping at hobby shops.

We don't usually have a hobby of something. We can make a hobby of something, often something that isn't usually a hobby, such as something that is usually done as an occupation, or some kind of reprehensible activity:

In the other direction, one can make a business of something that for most people is a hobby; sometimes, a person begins a craft, say, as a hobby, without the intention of making money at it, but then other people want to buy what he is producing, and eventually he makes a business or makes a living at what was once a hobby. P     ainting is a hobby of mine. I like to paint in my spare time.

Honestly, I rarely hear native speakers use the word "hobby." I tend to hear natives simply ask, "What do you like to do?" However, I tend to come across the word hobby quite often on social websites that allow you to introduce yourself to the public.

Grammatically, you can get away with "I have a hobby of painting." However, it may sound a bit odd to a native. As long as you're not violating grammatical rules, it shoudn't matter so much what natives think. Therefore, stick with "I have a hobby of painting" since your meaning still gets across.

However, if you insist on sounding native, you might want to say, "painting is one of my favorite hobbies."

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