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Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

~Baby With 90 Stab On The ace~


sumber : Amelia Ayu Kinanti @ Yahoo News

Recently I turned on the computer, and check my email, and was very surprised to see the news on yahoo news ads. a picture of a baby boy with a face full of prick. tragic. I have never read a yahoo news, so keen to open the link, to find out the news content.

Only the power of God that can make the baby was still alive. and the luck factor, yes ... maybe that's the right word. Toddler's name Xiao bao, a baby boy aged 8 months, which is derived from Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, eastern China. He still survive even got 90 punctures in the face. uncle
Xiao Bao found that plump babies lying in front of the house bathed in blood. He was immediately brought the unfortunate nephew to the hospital.

Ilustrasi: Thinkstock

The perpetrators of the abuses done by none other than her own mother. Xiao Bao mother claimed her son had been stabbed numerous times. The reason is simple and does not just make sense? as Xiao Bao biting while nursing. As a result of her own cruelty, Xiao Bao get over 100 stitches to cover the wound. Now his health is restored, it's just still seems obvious puncture marks all over his face.
It is normal for babies to do that to his mother.

The neighbors have asked the government to revoke the custody of his mother Xiao Bao, but the request was denied. The reason there is no evidence that the mother Xiao Bao abnormalities that could endanger her life.


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