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Selasa, 16 Juli 2013


Today I want to write about "CRYING", .. !! In the dictionary of Indonesian, "Crying" is an expression of feelings of sadness, disappointment and forth with tears and sobbing noises. but unfortunately cry just expressed as a feeling of sadness in big Indonesian Dictionary. In fact, .. crying can also be interpreted as an expression of happiness.
There are several types of classification crying that is crying child, adult cries, and cries of someone who is spiritually mature.
crying child is crying that was shed because of disappointment, or regret that eliminates or missing something. An adult crying is crying with bated in order to maintain a sense of consciousness. that she was a grown woman with all the status, dignity and responsibility. This type could be crying because she had lost someone dear or a heavy burden on the middle of the natural or disappoint

Cries spiritually mature person who is crying with a sense of subservience to the Ultimate Reality. Berlelehan grain tears from her eyes instead of the loss of property, this private will feel willing to lose things or something, and usually do not burst into tears, maybe even smiling happily.
To that end, be happy and sad or laughing and crying is no longer a binary opposition that face each other, but rather blended into one reality side by side. We will not distinguish anymore that is identical to the sad tears or happy, and Happy was identical with smiles and laughter.

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