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Sabtu, 21 September 2013

~Forgiveness ~

Forgiveness is beautiful
Forgiveness is charity
It invites Maghfirah forgive him
Forgiveness was invited His Rahmah

Excusing it Favors
Forgiveness was delicious
Forgive that paved the feeling
Forgiveness was paved distress

Forgiveness is to open the doors of love
Forgive that opened the doors of the world
Forgive that opened the doors of happy
Forgive that opened the doors of heaven

Forgiveness is releasing issue
Forgiveness is letting go of hard
Forgiveness is letting go of awry
Forgiveness is releasing various flavors fret

Forgiveness was launched respiratory
Forgive that launched a relationship
Forgive that adds beauty
Forgive it adds loveliness

Forgiveness was mengikhlaskan
Forgiveness is healthy
Forgiveness is mature
Forgiveness is the intellectual

Forgive that clean themselves
Forgive that invite fortune
Forgiveness is reassuring
It invites forgive divine blessings

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