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Sabtu, 07 September 2013

Harvest The Shrimp In My Ponds

Alhamdulillah four days ago,.. we harvest a shrimps here,..It's very fun,...especially for my kids,... they really enjoy catching shrimp. Since I stayed here, with my parents, I Get a lot of knowledge about gardening, fish, shrimp,.. and anything else,.. that I never know before,... and so with my childrens too,...lives and our habits are also changing, .. we were so used to living with a lot of interaction with the natural world.

Aldi could not silence tell to his brother, who was not joint catching shrimp,. because Ferdi had to go to religious school every afternoon .. after coming home from elementary school, ... Aldi and aldo express how very exciting for them, .. can catch shrimp. I am happy they have a fun time yesterday,...
Every three month we must to harvest shrimp,... Our family has three pools shrimp, .. the results of the shrimp harvest we sell to middlemen for distribution to the market.


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