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Selasa, 10 September 2013

~Reward Supplied To The Solehah Wife~

1) "Once a man drinking water provided by his wife is better than fasting a year".
2) "The food provided by the wife to her husband better than his wife was doing Hajj and Umrah"
 3) "Shower junub the wife by her husband due to sexual intercourse better for him than to sacrifice 1,000 goats as alms to the poor".
4) "If the pregnant wife he recorded as a martyr and solemnly to her husband as the jihad".
5) "Good maintenance of children is a bastion of hell, good and harmonious view of the husband is to be the rosary (dhikr)".
6) "It will not break reward from God to a wife whose husband joyous day and night".
7) "When her husband died and a redha, surely he entered into heaven". (Hadith History Tarmizi)
8) "One woman if she was to pray that Fardhu  into it, fast during Ramadan, maintaining her honor and obey her husband then he has the right to heaven from the door everywhere he likes".

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