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Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013

Persit Friends,...

No one knows the extent to which the life story ended. In every person's life, it will definitely need a friend who can share when hard and happy. Friend does have a role to make life more colorful. But the presence of a friend is not to replace the pair. However, if we follow the course without the company of a friend let alone without a friend? Everything seems redundant, ...

When we have a good friend, not a gift or gifts or gifts that we want. But the care and patience required. Sometimes friend also needs to be heard, be it happy or in sorrow. Spending time with friends will relax our fatigue after solid activity every day. Even if you are far away from friends, does not mean you forget about it?

A good friend is a friend that is always there, especially in tough times, make us feel safe through periods like anything else, assures us that we will pass the test from Allah SWT. friend who always gives us two good choices, embrace us when we face daunting problems, helping us survive the people who just want to take advantage of us, when we neglect something admonish, remind when we forget, help increase our confidence , helps us to become a better person, and more ... accept ourselves for what it is ...

Life is all about people. Humans are social being. Our time spent with friends and family is all that we have on our short time on this planet. If we don’t make time for meaningful connections, what is the point of our lives? Is it to watch TV or shop?
Health and relationships are the most basic elements to a satisfying life, and often they are enough. If you’ve lost a loved one or have battled your own serious illness, you realize that you don’t really need much more than good health and the company of people you care about.

" Hopefully we can be a good friend for people around us, 

 so we will find  happiness for ourselves and for other people "

~Happy Day ~


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