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Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013

Art of Rampak Bedug Kopassus


This time I would like  to share a story, about one of my activities as a Persit KCK Group-1 Kopassus. That is as one  of the players Rampak Bedug or Rampak Drum in April 2004, elected directly by the leader of Persit, Mrs. Renny Teddy Lhaksmana. Rampak Bedug is under the directions of Mrs. Renny Teddy Lhaksmana, She was initiated the culture Rampak Bedug to  be displayed again.

Bedug or Major drum is very familiar to Indonesia people. In each the mosque is almost a Bedug or Major drum,  as an information tool for every moslem to worship or prayer. Rampak bedug is one of the unique art Banten, society Banten obliged to preserve it. For that Group-1 Kopassus playing an active role in preserving the culture of typical Banten.
And then the soldiers and Persits, They are trained to be able to played Rampak Bedug, and as result  they were able to do all that. With Persit flexibility while dancing and beat the major drum or bedug, and also with the soldiers stout  in hitting the major drum or bedug with a distinctive style strapping a soldier, who is also flexible in typical commando warrior dance.
Rampak Bedug  Special  Forces Group-1 is often performed at prestigious events, national and international scale. As in the Grand Opening F-1 event, in Sentul jakarta several years ago, continued  performing at  the Presidential Palace-Jakarta, at TMII-Ancol-Jakarta, Bogor State Palace in Cipanas, and many others events.
All that can go well and successful, because to the direction, guidance and motivation provided by our chairman of Persit KCK Special Forces Group-1,.. Dangrup-1 and their staffs. Rampak Bedug Special Forces Group-1 consists of 20 Soldiers   of Kopassus and 20 Persits. They got extra hard training and discipline, all due  because to the cold hands of our coach "Kang Epul and his team", who came from Pandeglang, banten. Rampak bedug is also collaborated with solo organ played by Mr. Dudi or sometimes Mr. Rudi.

This rampak bedug is a rare collaboration, The only one in Indonesia. Since Then, rampak Bedug it is getting popular in own Banten people. And now, many government agencies are following in our footsteps in the show Rampak Bedug.

List Name of Persit Rampak bedug Player period 2004-2008 :
1. Mrs. Ria Djon
2. Mrs. Fitri Wulang Y
3. Mrs. Sandy Deddy S
4. Mrs. Lisna Agus Bakti
5. Mrs. Anty Aidi
6. Mrs. Dian Ferry
7. Mrs. Lelly Akmil
8. Mrs. Ira Wisnu
9. Mrs. Shinta Wijaya
10. Mrs. Dewi usman
11. Mrs. Caroko
12. Mrs. Tari Djun
13. Mrs. Hera Deden
14. Mrs. Mia Suratman
15. Mrs. lalu
16. Mrs. Hasan
17. Mrs. Hasyim
18. Mrs. 

So that is a little story about Rampak Bedug, as my Experience. I am very proud to have been a part of the Rampak bedug, which has made my life experiences become more meaningfull.

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