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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Persit KCK Meetings Work Program

Creating a healthy work environment is a competency that must be shared by all staff in each organization of Persit KCK. Included are Persit Staff and  Army wife officer. Staff Persit and  Army wife officer are required to have this capability because of the reality in the field,  they are cutting edge services to their members Persit... because Staff Persit and Army Wife Officer more "in touch" with members Persit KCK and their families.

Of these, Staff Persit and Army Wife Officer  should be able to start from within herself to create a healthy work environment. good communication skills, teamwork / collaboration actual decision making, setting an adequate workforce, mutual recognition and respect among staff Persit KCK, as well as a reliable leadership. It is nothing new when communication is the key answer to the most powerful tools in an interpersonal relationship, the communication sent a message and receiving messages reciprocal. Communication is considered a "weapon" most potent owned by a Staff Persit. 

                                                    Here's atmosphere in our office when meeting Persit work program

That would be my highlight here is mutual recognition and respect among staff, this aspect is very important and is a fundamental aspect in a relationship. Relationship without mutual respect would consider another superior and the other inferior make the relationship unhealthy working environment. Good relationship with fellow professional or inter-professional helself. Regarding the responsibility and competence, actually I will never hear the difference and have formulated far-away days earlier. But the reality on the ground is far from the truth. All went as it is, like the culture and customs of the  existing hundreds of years earlier.              

Fresh start is sometimes not easy, sometimes it takes a pretty strong effort to let go of personal interests, business aside, the interests and needs of the family kitchen. All that for the sake of progress Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana. There are several things that must be able to be done early to create a healthy work environment, particularly mutual respect and acknowledge among fellow Persit staff.

First, since the beginning of a candidate Persit Staff must be included and taught deeply and repeatedly. Keep in mind that their behavior and respect fellow Staff Persit is the most important thing. Do not look where they came from.

Second, role model and an example of the Senior Staff at Persit KCK should be able to give you an idea how fellow Staff Persit appreciate and recognize between each other. Wholeheartedly able to open up and share their knowledge to be together.

The third is to try to apply what they have learned as well as possible, work with a vengeance and become part of the system working in a balanced and professional.

Created a conducive working atmosphere, comfortable and full of family atmosphere.

Fourth, bring an understanding of mutual respect and acknowledge fellow Staff Persit into the world of work. Never easy fight, cooperate with each other, look after each other and communicate well. Do not blame others or even dropped Persit Staff reputation among staff.

Four things that I think could be the beginning of the self and fellow staff  Persit for mutual recognition and respect. After that applied to other professions in a team.

Creating a pleasant atmosphere in the office is important. The aim is that you can work well. In addition, the relationship between co-workers also work to be done properly so that the atmosphere in the office is safe and comfortable. Bad relationships can cause disharmony, disagreement, and other problems. Creating an atmosphere that is not harmonious at the time in the office, it will make you and other colleagues could not concentrate on work. For that reason, it is important to establish a good relationship or friendship among fellow co-workers.

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