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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Pertemuan Gabungan Istri Perwira Kopassus

Joint meeting of the Special Forces officer's wife

Joint meeting with the assembled gathering  member of Persit KCK  PCBS Kopassus were conducted 3 (three) months intended to strengthen the fabric of silaturrahim between members Persit so expect the presence of such meetings are good relationships silaturrahim and more solid. So that through the spirit of togetherness is able to provide the best for the organization Persit KCK that we love.

We should be proud to be a soldier's wife and grateful for the blessings God has given to us. Then the mutual respect both Persit KCK  fellow members and in the community and be able to interact and contribute to the well by example and role model in attitude, speech, and action.

As the wife of a soldier, we should be able to provide moral support and encouragement to the husband to carry out their duties and responsibilities well

"Remind husband not to do negative things that will be detrimental and damaging the family name and unit, complete any small problems in the household to achieve a harmonious household. Advantage of the husband's income as well as possible for daily life, avoid waste and set aside some for the purpose in the future.

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