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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Lagu Untuk Prajurit

~ Singer in Memories ~

Long ago, when I was in management of Persit KCK Special Froces Group 1st,  I Included someone who is very active. I have been always involved in any activities held by Persit Kopassus. And an each occasion  I was always  asked to sing. Both sing solo or accompanied the leader to sing.

One day,.. I was invited by the leader Persit KCK, Mrs. Renny Teddy Lhaksmana, joined the vocal group that she forms. This Vocal Group consists of 5 people of Persit,... They are Mrs. Renny Teddy Lhaksmana, Mrs. Nugroho, Mrs. Eddy Supriyanto , Mrs. Jono and of course Me as a Mrs. Lelly Akmil Satria. I  feel very proud and honored, gained the confidence to joint this vocal group. This vocal group later known as the singers KOPASSUS.

Every great event organized by Kopassus Cijantung, this vocal group always asked to sing. Moreover, only I was the youngest,.. newly married,.. Recently became Persit KCK Cab. II PCBS Kopassus,  and the rank of my husband was still  of "Second Lieutenant", and I have not much experience in Persit organization. Therefore,  I feel embarrassed at all, when it comes to talking to them, because they more senior. 

I always keep the attitude, words and my nature, I am always respect to them as a my Leaders and a seniors in order not to disappointment them. Although they treated me well, and is very dear to me,... sometimes they treated me like a child,.. Sometimes they treated me like a daughter or a child of their own. But that does not  make me a BIG HEAD, or do not make me do what I like to do. I realized who I am,.. And who's wife. I am always nice, friendly and polite. I also do not want to make my  husband shamed. Because I carry a Big name of My husband and family.

When the celebration of the 16th Annyversary Special forces at Cijantung-Jakarta, me and our vocals group participated in the event. At the appearance, we use white kebaya and batik cloth, to showing our love Indonesian products.  And One of the songs that we sang are "Songs for Soldiers" (Lagu Untuk Prajurit). When the first time I heard  the strains  of this song, which was sung by Mrs. Renny Teddy Lhaksmana,  when she introducing this song to me,.. I feel shudder, especially when sung with a full appreciation. This song became one of  my favorite song.

"Lagu Untuk Prajurit" was composed by Iwan Abdulrachman, one of the characters Indonesia Artists. He is more familiarly called "abah Iwan", born in sumedang, West Java, on 3 September 1947. He is a phenomenal writer of songs such as Mentari, Jasmine from Jayagiri, etc.. Legendary singer in the 70-80s range of Bimbo and Vina Panduwinata ever sing his songs. He was known as a lover of the environment. Alumni of the Faculty of Agriculture UNPAD is attended various military courses that take place in America, and England, and in Indonesia itself. He also became an honorary member KOPASSUS. 

At the age of 64 years stepped on, he did not just sit back on the porch, or struggling with a serious illness. Even the father of five children, has not wanted to stop up the mountain, although now no longer up to the top. Among the multitude of activities, the most important thing for him was grateful and pray. Until he kept trying to fill a life time with meaningful activities.

I hope this song can provide encouragement for soldiers training under conditions however. Until always "Ready!" Anytime and anywhere as well. Be patient and persevere ...., be patient and persevere.  Soldiers like bullets, press the trigger shot no doubt. The task at the behest. No matter what no matter who, what, how, when, where. God with us.

~  Lagu Buat Prajurit  ~

Iwan Abdulrachman.

Sing by Ritta Rubby

Bangunlah hai Prajurit
Siagakan Dirimu
Berlatih tak pernah kenal berhenti
Gembirakan hatimu
Kobarkan semangatmu
Putus asa jauhkan  dari dirimu

Reff :

Bertempur pantang mundur,
Lebih baik hancur lebur,
Bila perlu demi tugas,
Rela gugur,..

Bagi seorang kesatria, 
Kehormatan yang utama,
Keringat dan darah siap,
kau korbankan,

Gunung-gunung kudaki
Jurang curam kuturuni
Biar siang biar malam Tak perduli
Hutan rimba kuarungi
sungai-sungai kusebrangi
Biar hujau biar panas tak perduli

Reff :

Sungguh jauh dari kampung,
Rasa rindu tak tertahan,
Namun tugas bagimu lebih utama,

Demi kehormatan bangsa
Demi rakyat yang tercinta
Jiwa raga bila perlu kau korbankan

bangunlah Hai prajurit,
Siagakan dirimu,..

In different language :

~ Song Create a Soldier ~

Iwan Abdulrachman.

Sung Ritta Rubby

Wake up hey soldier
Be on guard
Never stop being prepared
have your heart content
Inflame your spirit
Desperation is far from You

Reff :

Fight And Never Turn back
Better to Ber Shattered
When needed for duty willing to die
For a knight honor is the ultimate
Willing to sacrifice sweet and blood

I  hike mountains,
I go down the step rivine
I don't care if it is day or night

I wade cross vast forest
I cross swift rivers
Don't care if it is raining or hot

Reff :

How far from home
I cannot bear this longing feeling
Yet duty is more important to me
For the honor of nation
If needed I am Willing
To Sacrifice Body and Soul

Wake Up Hei Soldier
Be On Guard

~ Warm Regards ~


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