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Rabu, 03 April 2013

How does the Handbag Hanger work ?

Bag Hanger is designed so you can hang your handbag from a table or bar. Your handbag doesn't have to sit on the ground or on the dirty floor of a restaurant or cafe.
You can hang your handbag, purse, diaper bag, umbrella, etc. from the hook of bag hanger. On each bag hangers have "anti slip" rubber backing to keep it from slipping off the table.
For bags with wide or long straps, put the hook through the metal ring or buckle.

Use purse hook everywhere:
 - At home
- Cafe
- Restaurants
- Bars
- Ladies restrooms

Handbag Hanger is great for :
- Wedding Guest Gifts
- Gifts
- Restaurants
- Office Gifts
- Mother's Day Gift
- Christmas gift

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