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Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

Birds love to Rose

birds in love with a white rose. Bird was trying to express his feelings.

But white roses said,'' I will never love you''
But the bird never give up, every day bird came to meet white roses ..

White roses finally said,'' I'm going to love you, if you can change me into a red rose!'' And one day the bird came back, he hurt his wings and spread her blood to white roses, white roses to turn red''

White roses finally realized how much bird love him, but it was too late, because the birds will not return again to the world''

He's gone for ever, white roses with regret, remorse even though it does not matter anymore .. which might not go back again ...

Moral lesson:
Sometimes we just realized about the meaning of true love after our loved ones leave us ...

the wise man says:
Marry the people we love the simple things ...
remarkable is the love the people we marry ...

Now promise to keep our loved ones ... And today is quite beautiful to say we love him, right?!
Take advantage of all the opportunities that exist to get her Love

Marriage is something that is easy, but keeping it always intact marriage, why the hell Struggle ...

Do not love and seek perfection, but Love imperfections with Perfect Way

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