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Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

Men Vs Husband...


The loveliest man in her eyes is not handsome, but who can make the most beautiful women in the world feel Eve ...

The most dashing man in a woman's heart is not the most muscular, but who is able to listen and understand the outpouring of his heart ...

And ...

Richest man in the fantasy that most women are not his property, but he's grateful to his Lord, and fight for his family.

how long contemplation of the true story of the wives out there is very winding, made ​​me fully realize that in fact many women as a wife to fall up to find the strength to continue the pace of household.

A real man is not the one in the measure of how much he has conquered the hearts of women ..
Nor are measured by how many women he had in his life ..Nor is measured by how many women are trying to get her heart and love

But he is a man : Who are able to resist a lot of women love just for the sake of a woman he loves.
Were able to confirm her just for the sake of a woman he loves. Are able to glorify and preserve the heart of a woman he loves ..And are able to always be loyal only to a woman he loves ..

When he had resolved to drop the selection to a woman ..
Then only she was the only woman who would become his life companion .. That will always be loved until death separates them .. not the slightest intention to harm or hurt  the body and the heart the woman that he loves ...

1. Grandpa said, cherish your wife as you appreciate your mother, because your wife is also a mother of your children.
2. If angry should not talk to your wife, but do not fight with her (yell, called her, hit her).
3. The heart is a house wife. If your wife is not happy heart, then the whole house will look like hell (no laughter, spoiled, attention). So your wife loved her to be happy and you will feel like in heaven.
4. Large or small your salary, a wife still wants to be noticed. By doing so, then your wife will always welcome you back with affection.
5. 2 people staying 1 roof (married) do not need prestige, acting, who won and who lost. Because they are not a friend to play it live forever.
6. Outside many women dream more than your wife. But they love you on the basis of what you have now, not what it is you are. When you come across a difficult time, then she will leave and had another dream guy behind you.
7. Many a good wife. But a lot of men out there who want to have a good wife, and they do not get it. They will offer protection against the wife. So do not let your wife leave the house because of grief, because it will be very difficult to return.
8. Teach your son how to apply towards his mother, so that someday they know how to treat his wife.

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