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Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

Learning from life's journey

how long contemplation of the true story of the wives out there is very winding, made ​​me fully realize that in fact many women as a wife to fall up to find the strength to continue the pace of household.

I also invited to witness how all the trouble and grit should always be hand in hand with the struggle and turned out really long road to a sincerity. Reflecting on the trip my household that enters ten years, quite a lot of favors and gift invaluable for me as a wife. So brazing on the attitude of my heart, as a clever wife I have always thankful. Do not wait for the new storm first sorry ungrateful.

Because heaven essential for a woman to be had when the blessing of her husband when life is over, whether husband or her first no. I hoped soared make, hopefully forever sincerity husband could reach forever. Do not have to wait for a new one no busy scavenging blessingAll certainly entitled to have gagasan.Dan for me, this is a valuable lesson, sometimes as a wife I forgot to increase the excellent service to the husband in all sectors, especially the husband meet with a patient, full of understanding.

The more I salute the many women as a wife whose husband is grumpy, like banging, adventurous and troubled but they remain patient. Struggling with his devotion as a wife. They interpret exactly one hadith which states that if a fellow human being should prostrate, then be instructed an adoring wife to her husband. I like his flicked to constantly improve themselves again, not because of fear turned to love my husband, but more than that, not as a Muslim we should always be better from day to day.
Good luck to all the wonderful wife in the whole universe, may the love and blessings to accompany her husband on the divine pleasure of  Illahi Robbi. Each person must have made ​​a MISTAKE, but if we never make mistakes, it helps us see our steps back .... perhaps we do not move at all. In fact even this life we encounter many problems. Surveys show a more optimistic lot to learn from their mistakes rather than successes, it is a mistake not wearing a thing. However, we have experienced errors will lead us to relearn something happens. Even through mistakes will make us to be able to take action more precise and better.
Face your mistakes for what it is, do not be prejudiced, do not be sad and do not bemoan what happened even if it was a mistake. Because there is a rainbow after the rain certainly very beautiful, so are the errors: an error MUST be reversed available CHANCE that that awaits us.
The problem is the challenge 
Many people evade their problems because they think the problem is as a heavy burden. But make it a problem as a challenge, so we will have a spirit (spirit) to be able to deal with it. By looking at a problem is a challenge, then we actually have seen success as well, because behind every problem there are successes that are waiting. Likened the problem we're up any stairs to get to the top most rung (high). So enjoy each process (problem) happened so that we gain the power (ability) to reach a higher rung again. Therefore, confront any problems that occur and change it into a force for success. No problems, no one can reach success.
Likewise with any issues, if we do not dare to face the problem, then we will not be someone who is genuine.

The most perfect moment
Many people think to start a case, have to wait for the right time. And not a few people who like-likes to procrastinate a job. Is this assumption wrong
Maybe this time I wanted to do something. A desire to do something to reach my goals. Why I do not immediately try today? because today is the best day and sempuna to start. Remember! There is no more appropriate day than today. If we want perfection, start from imperfect first, fix one after the other parts that are not perfect, it is not impossible if perfection will eventually materialize in front of the eyes. No major work appeared with a step.

Taking the first step is not difficult, as there are in the reach of my own hand, including today. So wait no more, the important thing is today I had to start it, because I was the owner today.
Why not tomorrow?. remember .... Because no uncertain tomorrow.

One step forward
Currently I may not have a steady job. To support and fulfils of all  my childrens needs, I have to continue to be creative and creative. All I can do now is a business entrepreneur, that I've pioneered since 2009.
 For the kids, I always try and pray,... the best I can do for them. Alhamdulillah income from my online business shop, ... little by little can fulfil the needs and requirements of my children school. Perhaps it is heavy, when the  family economic.. we must bear the burden alone. 



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