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Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

~ How Do You Know Your Marriage Is Over?~

How  do you know your marriage is Over...?? Easy to hard questions to be anwered. Perhaps this question can be answered easily by a couple who has experienced ups and downs in their marriage. But there is no harm if we try to discuss it here. I believe everyone wants to get married once in his life, and certainly also want to build a happy marriage. But with the passage of time, the number of trials and problems are not resolved and always tilted continuously from one side, maybe everything will change.

Two people who once loved each other in the early marriage. One began to turn, and treason. Gradually it affects communication between them. Little things can become big issues, the debate between those who never quit.
Marriage will over if we  feel nothing. There is no more anger, no more hatred, no more love, like just nothing.  Relationship become bland. The things your spouse has done, you can go to anger triggers. It is not just about how to control emotions and reactions.

I fear most in a relationship ended with extreme hatred. Beginning of each marriage partner has the hope and vision of an idealistic marriage. But as they stepped into the marriage, often encountered  things not as expected. Differences of opinion, background, perspective of something different from our spouse. Sometimes new problems and complicated so feel free pair or even think to escape. Many couples who claim that their partners have changed since a marital union. In the end, the answer chosen by them.

~ Speechless Sharp and Rough ~

Communication is not merely a matter of how long the couple talked and talked, but what about the quality  of the conversation. If both spouses or one of them  liked to use sharp words, this is a first hint of their relationship will not last long.

Most,.. In their conversation will take them to quarrels, disappointment, hurt and ultimately want to split up because they can not stand anymore.

~ Starting From a Bully ~

 Any insult (bully). excessive criticis,  defensiveness and stubbornly maintained continuously will cause rift. Spouse can not trust, comfort, protection, and support, so that they would eventually realize  that they are  no longer aligned.

~ Emotional ~

No one is able to resist teh temperamental figure. As for if he will reach  the point of boredom and eventually  find someone else who under stand him / her.  Here is the beginning of one of people choose to cheat.

~ Body Language ~
Rarely show affection through touch and non-verbal actions make your further pair. As there is no longer a contact pair was connected and tied. Moreover,.. if only ti give a hug he had not had time. The pair will be bland and lose feeling.

~ Ego Talking ~

Whenever there is a problem, instead of finding a way out for both of us even try to defend and save themeselves. Such selfish actions will not make the problem quickly completed, would make the gap is widening. Especially  when dealing with a partner who is equally stubborn, which can not be accepted input, their relationship will be filled with anxiety and lengthy disputes. The tail will make them say, "it does not fit anymore".

To keep in mind,... when deciding to get married must all be done on the basis of love and thought that long. Dealing with any heavy, formed early commitment is the only law that shoud be retained in order to marriage so no mess.

If you ang the people closest to you are having problems in the marriage, invite to recall the initial commitment has been made. Because marriage is not just a role or status, but something that is done on the basis of love.

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