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Rabu, 03 Juli 2013

~Become An Author or Book Writter?~

A few days ago, I got a text message from one of my college friends through whatsapp.  "Wulan", .. that's her name. After so long graduated from college, we met again through a social networking facebook. She adding my facebook account. During college, ... I'm including girls who apathetic, not much talking, quiet, shy, I was being nice to everyone. My good friend just a few people. I'm also not easy to socialize, because I was shy. I'm not much familiar about college friends, but many friend who know me well.

when I receive Wulan text message, my  feeling uncertain, .. upset, disappointed, sad, angry, confused,. who knows where to go and exhaust me express the feelings of all. I think that feeling all is not going to change things. One important thing I should do is ... find ways to make my life and the kids could be better. At that time I thought, that I need a job. Although this time I have my own income from self-employment, which I started pioneered since 2009. but it seems I was stuck with the situation and the problems that I face.

Wulan is my college friend. We are different classes on campus. I go to class "I", while her class "f". she was not a close friend of mine too, you could say I forgot the first Wulan figures, past college age. One day when she sent an old photo, in the photo there are some friends that I remember the face but forgot their names. but I'm glad she still remember me as a friend.

yesterday I asked herif is there any job openings. I said I needed a job. I want to go work. she was offered a job as a reporter for a TV station or radio. then I asked her, if I could be a reporter? while I am not a good speaker. to be honest, I also doubt, what I can work well. but with work, I can meet and socialize with other people. I can meet with a variety of unique character of others. I can make friends and meet new friends.

 very nice to chat and share knowledge with wulan. perhaps because her work is a reporter for radio station and became one of the writers for the magazine Siliwangi Military Command. perhaps because she often visited and read my blog, she finally concluded that I could be a writer. she told me I could write my own book, I could write about handicraft, cooking, sewing or any book.

New ideas,.... and this, makes me stunned for a moment. given to the past, that being an author, is my goal ideals when I still a child. This may be a new idea I Think further afield. since childhood, I was happy to write. When I was in junior high school, I like to write short stories, fictional stories about the lives of teenage romance. And I am pleased to send my short story on a teen magazine at the time, such as ANITA magazined, GADIS magazined, etc. Maybe one day I'll write a book about crafts Kanzashi Flower. because I have not found a book that discusses the craft of Kanzashi. And this is the next stage of my thinking. being a writer's cool and fun, we can write and we get money,.. even though money is not everything but money can solve a lot of things,.. including the sort of stress due to rising fuel prices... hehehe,...

for me, Wulan is as "a friend and teacher," This is part of the positive activities to develop interest in our writing. Imagine if we did not have any friends and teachers of writing, we become weak spirit. But if there is a friend and mentor teachers so we kept writing spirit. Having friends and teachers can make our writing passion hold steady and even increasing every day. Yes, if we want to succeed in the world of writing this we have to find the right teacher and friend. If we listen to a lot of interesting experiences of others, which sometimes can make our writing materials, writing ideas will flow by itself.

Knowledge is power. In writing the book, I need knowledge. If I knew how to write a book that is good and right, then I will be very lucky because there are a lot of books that would be my issue.

What is not an exaggeration to only in dreams alone? 

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