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Kamis, 04 Juli 2013

~I am Stumped~

I am walks,... in solitude now, I tried not to remember you and remember you,... I have been destroyed, more than in pieces,... because of my love,... because of you my sincere. I fell so deeply in this error. Honestly, I could not,... I can not,... I can not and I'm stumped. For all that we ever pass together. I may not be able to lie to myself. Although it should be staggered. you are in my heart, .. timeless,.. even though you're not mine.

white is my love, I want to paint the bottom of my heart,... I pledge allegiance to keep my love to you for almost 10 years,... open the eyes of the heart was,.. they sweet talk you in the shadow of a dream
which probably will never be, My take on the handheld. But you are still in my heart no timeless, ... even though you're not mine anymore,... diamonds that do not fade, keep shining,... fill the lonely,.. of my soul,...   I try to understand, .. beauty conscience, .. absolutely sure all,.. never will I deny,... too much love fills come and go to your heart,... but that  never could, eliminate your shadow in my mind.
it takes time to get over you, .. but I have to forget you.

I want to be super women, the courageous and brave to face all the problems that exist. but still, I'm just an ordinary woman, .. who have a feeling weak and whiny, ... because these feelings I can not deny. After all he had become part of my life, ... and once more give sweet and beautiful memories.

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  1. i touched , where u get inspiration for write this story?


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