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Jumat, 05 Juli 2013


Is it true that we can so easily forgive and forget? Forgiveness is not as complicated as we imagine, it is not too difficult as we think, and not too bitter that we feel. Forgive that you provide a little space for him a kindness in your heart. Physical busyness can help break the hearts of thinking about things, thinking that just invites sadness. much should we Learn from the kids, they are so quick to forgive others, when just a fight. Before long, they've played back with the most beautiful smile. Disappointed is humanly, To forgive is a choice.
Never mind..... By forgiving or not forgiving attitude they will not change. Yes, They are. Those who have hurt you until you will-hurt. They did not feel the pain that you're feeling. They may now forget ever hurt you, or even they do not feel have hurt you. So why are you still concerned about the error? It is not necessary to drag you in wounds and grief. You do not need to also keep hatred and revenge. Why do not you let it load it? Burden is still you bear, until thou languish alone. Look how miserable you are. And you look at those who try to hurt you. Do they look miserable like
you? No. They are now happy. Then why are not you happy like the way they choose? Until when are you going to torture yourself like this? 

Forgiving and Forgetting.  Is the same as forgetting forgiving? I think forgiving is not the same as forgetting. "To forgive but not to forget". Forgiveness is forgive what he had done. Forgetting is forgetting what he had done. forgive is not to rehash the past, while the problem of "forgetting", I think it's a bit impossible. Then forgive but to forget, not forgive but it's called running away from problems "forgive", the meaning is,... he has not dared to forgive, so he could impersonate "forgotten". It is the sense that even though you already apologized, but the error still leave a mark and will never disappear. Thou shalt not often make mistakes. The more often, the more you remember. "

So forgive .. They release. It is appropriate you happy .....
Learn to forgive if you want to be forgiven,
Learn to respect if you want respect,
Learn to understand if you want to be understood,
Learn to love if you want to be loved,
Learn to appreciate if you want to be appreciated,
Learn to please if you want to groove....

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