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Senin, 08 Juli 2013

~I'm Sorry, I Didn't Mean it~

Ever, you write about something and have unwittingly dissapointed people who read it. whether it be a friend, brother, husband, wife, family read it? then they criticize or express they disappointment to you, then you just realize that there are mistakes you writing? here's what happened to me today. I have never thought that my writing "I need someone to talks .." have upset someone.

I feel very guilty. I repeatedly read the article, .. and honestly, I also do not like to read the article I wrote. I am very sorry to have made the people who read it  did not believe me and was very disappointed. although I do not intend to. my writing was clear.

indeed sometimes we need criticism from readers, to evaluate themselves. by removing the article, does not mean I do not want to accept that criticism, maybe embarrassed myself reading it....

Have a times we see that in fact have inadvertently hurt the hearts of others around us. Has it ever occurred to us that a little uneasy impression that other people catch of behavior or speech or our article, can imprint so deeply without us realizing it, makes them feel sad, disappointed, upset, or even angry at us.
Without us realizing, that the day has passed us by so many people hurt. And be careful when they have injuries, it no longer means we apologize when we say, "I did not mean to ..."

we can never be sure, whether it is our faults "are not aware of it" has been forgiven by the people who have been saddened, disappointed, upset, and angry at us.

For someone there, once again please forgive me,...

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