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Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

~Marhaban ya Ramadhan 2013~

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan 1434 AH ... Welcome to the month of Ramadan 2013, the blessed month it finally turned back to us. A sincere hope that hopefully in this holy month brings infinite goodness to us all, we should be grateful because we can re-encounter with the holy. Maybe the days are passing pang has left unforgettable memories .....There is one, no mistake, there is sin which follows the journey of the day. To make sure no regrets, no grudges, no regrets .... Let us together purify the heart, myself, and our souls.

Many words already spoken and expressed not all remedy, many behaviors that have been made and created not all fun, a lot of complaints, resentment, lies a part of ourselves, let's forgive, apologize and unseen. Look at everything with a pure heart, without expecting praise others. Ramadan may be a blessing, and pray expect constancy in our path. Tomorrow is hope now is experience yesterday is memories ... that did not escape the oversight was born and Inner apologize., RAMADHAN Hopefully this time RAMADHAN better than last year .. amen .... 
"Marhaban Ya Ramadhan"
Congratulations accomplishing Worship Fasting
May we always be blessed in the full moon mahrifah

 Ya Allah ..
Enrich us with science
Decorate our hearts with patience
Gentlemen we face with devotion
beautyfully,.. was our physical health
As well accept our deeds with manifold
Because only you Essence ruler of the universe

There is no victory without dhikrullah
There is no charity without sincerity
There is no forgiveness without an apology from fellow
Marhaban ya Ramadhan ..              

Beautiful word is "GOD"
Sweet song is a "call to prayer"
The best medium is "AL QURAN"
A healthy exercise is "prayer"
The perfect diet is "Fasting"
Cleanliness is refreshing is "ablution"
A wonderful trip is "HAJJ"
Good fantasy is remember the "Sin & Repentance"
Hopefully this holy month could bring faith and piety, Amien ..

Breath becomes rosary, sleep becomes worship, charity and prayer in the grant received
for people who shaum and diligently read his book in the month of Ramadan
Marhaban ya Ramadhan, sorry spiritual and physical, congratulations to practice fasting
 Minna Taqabalallahu Waminkum ... Happy Ramadan ya ..  

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