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Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

~Udang Galah Sukabumi ( Lobster )~

Coming soon harvest the prawns in my pond. This is the second season harvest prawns. The most enjoyable moment when harvest prawns, and knowing the quantity or amount harvested, with good quality shrimp.

Shrimp farming economically has a promising prospect since the price is quite high and the existing production technology. Market prawns until now no problem. Prawns in domestic demand is still quite high. harvesting ponds once we can produce 1
quintals of prawns. Unpredictable, every year the demand will continue to increase commodity shrimp,......Well so interesting to see the big prawns around.

as new business giant prawns, so long as the world's fisheries and shrimp wrestle, I've never understood where I have to sell my farm crops. During this time, to sell their produce, we are often based on the market price determined by the middlemen. Not infrequently, the shrimp harvest we purchased the middlemen at different prices. "Normally yes so, the same farmer middlemen that count first and then determine the price,"

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