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Kamis, 18 Juli 2013


Trivial things or a little things, can lead to misunderstanding between husband and wife, in friendship, between superiors and subordinates in the office, among friends work together, between lovers, until the land issue can lead to misunderstanding. So what is the meaning  of misunderstanding ? Misunderstanding is a situation where there is a gap of understanding a concept that happen. Can it be avoided misunderstanding, ..? Of course it can. How do it?

The most appropriate way to avoid misunderstanding is a two-way communication or dialogue. Thus each party that is misunderstood, could try to explain a problem, until both parties have the same perception.

"Talk is concrete and clear to avoid misunderstanding. Additionally, try to ask the couple to explain again what we mean in their language, whether it will provide clarity couple already understand what we mean."

what to do when a misunderstanding? Parties should misunderstand, do not blame each other. Try to discuss, understand perceptions couple, and explains what is actually desired. Show tangible evidence that could support our purpose. Do not delay talking about, so it does not drag and make the situation worse.

but it is sometimes difficult to clear right clicking problems due to misunderstanding. Although sometimes it is difficult, but it does not mean do not try it? The thing to do is to help with the evidence, and not trying to defensive and refuses direct talks. Why? If we refuse, then the couple will be more confident that the true perception and content of our talk is nonsense.

4 tips if the misunderstanding had occurred:

1. Do not be prejudiced on the couple. Usually if there are problems, we feel that our partner is not a concern anymore or have no shame anymore. Yet we as a family must have contributed to cause couples we do wrong. Instead, self-introspection, before we convict pair.

2. Cooling down. If you've met a couple, yeah made ​​just relax. Pretend like there is no problem, although liver cranky as hell. Thus, our partner will also cool if we too cool. term, if the fire plus fire, the stove will explode. but if the fire was given water, definitely sound is heard ... "Nyeess" ...

3. Willing to budge. Definitely feels heavy. Sometimes when communication was already melted, we will know the cause of the problem. So it will be seen that the location of one of the respective ideologies. This should not be interpreted for what and for whom wrong. The best thing is to open our hearts as wide as possible.

4. Dare apologize. This seems heavier. but those who apologized in advance to be rewarded more than those who forgive.



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