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Senin, 25 November 2013

~My Excellent Life~

Hi,.. Today I want to write about live and life in a moment. Every body have a different experience, sometimes I learn from other people experiences. I take a Good things and I leave the bad things. And introspection in myself,... asking to myself,.. what ever I'm doing in my life. Since I was  a little girl,... I know I am a different girl,.. a different child. I know I have a lot of talent and I proud of myself, because I grow up from a lovely family. My parents treats me with the discipline, with the simple life, never spoiled me with expensive things, never obey in my every request. And I really fell a lot of influence on my life after I was grown and married.

I am very grateful for all that God has given me, starting from my birth until now. Sometimes as a human being, we are not aware that how much we get in this life, and we forgot to be grateful. I hope that I am always reminded to always be grateful for what I have received from almighty. In life can not be separated from one's inner feelings. Every day we always used to the way of thinking and get used to the feeling. Spirit arising from our own inner power can be easily extinguished or disappear.  I Strive to always think positive and optimistic in every difficulty. and I do not obsess on past experiences or future, but the present gaze. The past is gone, never to return again, the future has not happened yet so we do not know what happened and eventually just chestnut expect something, but now is the future, we must determine and make decisions for ourselves. Think positive and optimistic as trivial sentence, but is very important in our role of making decisions that will determine the success or destruction. people to always be motivated all the time. 

"Life is how much and how wonderful you were offered a virtue." I am precious in my eyes and everyone else, I was a valuable person with a lot of potential and ability. I have many flaws and choose to appreciate myself following all my strengths and weaknesses. I am a person full of effort, not afraid of the risks and opportunities taken. I eagerly, trying in vain to better than not doing anything. I accept my shortcomings. I fix what I can fix and accept what is beyond my control. I accept myself as is. Man is God's most perfect creatures that remain regardless of fault.

Ultimately, the purpose of life was only a matter of waiting to die, waiting to die that's when I am learn to give each other exceeds what I'm take for granted today. Using only new thing that alone we deserve to be picked up quiet death .... 

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