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Kamis, 12 September 2013

~Be Loving Husband~

When a woman ordered to obey her husband , and do good to him , for his sincerity , and his associate in a nice way , then a wealthy husband is also in demand to do the same thing to his wife , to be a weak and gentle to her , patiently upon the vices that already a character , as well as other cases . And no less important is to fulfill the obligation to provide for pokokya ie , clothing and shelter , as well as his associate in a nice way .Her associate ma'ruf manner , it is based on the word of Allah Ta'ala :" And hanging out with them ma'ruf lah " . (Surat an- Nisa ' : 19 ) .Similarly, another word :" And the women have equal rights with obligations under ma'ruf way " . ( Surah al - Baqarah : 228 ) .

Attentive . A Muslim husband should be very attentive and full of feeling towards his wife . Your wife must undergo and pass a variety of changes both physically and psychologically . At times like that , your wife is in need of a treatment that intimate and attentive , so that your wife can remove the distress and grief he is experiencing , as well as his feelings were easily touched .

Always show respect to your wife's family and friends . Try to educate your wife about Islam and your wife give advice. Reasonable jealous . Be patient and apply gentle to your wife . Control your anger and make her to dispel her doubts against you , and admonish him when doing a mistake . Be forgiving and admonish your wife and a good way to convey at the time really right .

Be a true Muslim husband , and apply all he had read and understood about Islam , the wise and prudent . Procedures for travel and left his wife at home . If you can not bring your wife along the way , then just say goodbye with great affection , your wife bekalilah with supplies of daily necessities and enough money , ask your wife for your mendo'akan , frequently to call your wife . Do not forget to ask for help from people you trust to keep your family while you are traveling . Shorten your trip if you think thats not important anymore and go home with a souvenir . Avoid to go home at night or at times that are not expected .

Financial support . Tumbuhkanlah generous attitude to yourself ( do not be stingy ) in the affairs of your household expenses , must be in accordance with your financial capabilities . Good financial support ( not wasteful of course ) would be very useful to maintain the stability of your marriage .

You must keep your marriage . In a hadith narrated by Abu Sa'eed al - Khudry that Rasulullah SAW said :

" It's among the worst people before Allah on the day of resurrection is the man who came to his wife to have sexual relations , and he revealed the secrets ( of intercourse ) to the other . "

Working together in worship to God , prayer congregation and always increase your activity in worship to Allah SWT , like charity , dhikr ( remembrance of Allah SWT ) , and pray at night ( qiyamul Lail ) . Rasulullah SAW said :

" May the grace of Allah Almighty bestowed on men who wake up at night and wakes his wife to pray with him , and if he refuses then splash water on her face "

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